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Author Topic: ok repost--- but i NEED people who have experience with ent drs  (Read 590 times)

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Re: ok repost--- but i NEED people who have experience with ent drs
« Reply #10 on: July 09, 2014, 10:22:25 PM »
Aaahh now I'm getting ganged up on!!!!! Lmfao. Red-- six lives well enough close to me to wack me around. Yea, we have a love/friendship/dope slap kind of relationship  :laugh3: hahaha

ok just one more question and I PROMISE to stop.....why are these symptoms so long? If the symptoms would die down or stop my anxiety level would decrease significantly. How long would you guys go with these symptoms after the all clear from the drs?

Naynay, well, I live in NY, too  :yes: Close enough to come get you!

I have severe sinus/allergy issues, with very mild asthma and eustachian tube dysfunction. (Which I never heard of until being dx'ed 2 years ago when I had a severe sinus infection)

Let me give you my latest scenario:

On May 7, I went to have sinuses/ears/throat checked. Doc said sinuses were "a little" inflamed but not bad. Ears were clear. Throat had minor irritation from Post Nasal Drip. I'd been using my Allegra, Nasacort and Astepro since March.

By May 16, I had loss of appetite and figured it was my anxiety. I forced myself to eat. I'd have a week of forcing myself and then a week where I was ok. This went on for a while but by June 17th, I decided to see the doctor because I really wanted to eat but couldn't....

He checked ears/nose/throat: turns out that now I had a full on Sinus infection with both ears infected. I had no congestion, sneezing, facial pain, or headaches. Just that I couldn't eat!

My sinuses were swollen shut. Doc put me on amoxicillin for 10 days. Within a day of taking it, appetite was back.

I waited a month. But remember, I'd been taking my allergy meds as prescribed.

Doc has since switched me to Flonase to use with my Astepro and Allegra. I'm also using my Earpopper (I got that as an RX, insurance covered it) because it helps "pop" my ears.

Recheck at the doc on July 3rd: Ears are clear/throat is better. Sinuses are 80% better. I suffer with allergies about 10 months per year, worst in Spring and then into Fall.


As for how long would I go with the all clear from my doctor? Well, I trust my doctor and I guess I should mention that I don't have HA but I do have OCD. I was annoyed that I couldn't eat and totally dumbstruck when I found out I had not only a full blown sinus infection/ear infection, but sinuses were swollen shut.


If I were you, being that you got the all clear, I would continue to take any allergy meds that you should be taking, every day. I would also try to let go and believe the doctor. And wait a month.

Of course, it's possible that you need different allergy meds.

I don't know if you have post nasal drip (PND), but if you do, that can really make the throat sore, even if you don't have a cough. But you've been scoped....


For Sixpack, do you have an Earpopper? Your doc can prescribe it. Google "the ear popper" and ask your doc to write you a script. There is a special code on the website in case your pharmacy doesn't know how to put it through. (Mine didn't, but when I gave them the code, everything worked out). The Ear Popper really is great for drainage issues.

WOW. I typed a lot. My fingers are going on a short vacation now.  :winking0008:
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Re: ok repost--- but i NEED people who have experience with ent drs
« Reply #11 on: July 10, 2014, 06:54:23 AM »
redapples--- no never heard of the ear popper thing.  interesting...

and I did forget about the nasal spray thing.  I can't take the steroidal type nasal sprays anymore due to an eye condition I have the propensity for.   BUT, yeah, nasal sprays can make throats sore too.    :yes:

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