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Author Topic: Do you find yourself getting worked up too easily about other things?  (Read 148 times)

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Ok this might be a very different post. So here goes.  I have an iPhone and I use it for Eveything and I have wifi and without it, I have slow service. Well after my nap I noticed that the little wifi icon wasn't on the top of my phone and it showed 3G Instead. And so I went to my setting and turned wifi on and off and it would not connect. Well of course I started getting all worked up cause this had never happened and I did not want to look up on the internet cause I knew it would point to the worst case scenerios. Well I kept messing with my phone and still wouldn't connect and it was stressing me out and So I have in and looked it up online. Then of course the worse case scenerios popped up. Failed router, iPhone problems, so I assumed my router had probably failed on me. So I kept looking to see what else people had tried to fix the problem.  And it was all really complicated stuff which stressed me out more. Then I saw someone say to someone to try unplugging the router and so I tried that and wahlahhhh, problem solved.

Now my point is that we always think the worst even if it's not anxiety related. I don't know if I'm the only one. But it's like if something stops working or acts up, always think the worst. But the difference is, we move on when we find the problem to something. Like I could sit here and convince myself that something is still wrong with my router and it will end up dying on me and stress about what if it does? I have no money to get another one. That can cause stress. But of course we don't do that with electronics. But when it comes to our bodies or symptoms we do.

It's almost same kind of thing.  Our symptoms make us panic. We run to google or try to not run to google cause no matter what, all of the worst case scenerios will pop up. Which then makes us worry even more.  When our symtoms could be as simple as 123. But our anxiety and fear keeps us stuck on that one disease.

When something such as an appliance starts acting up, goggle will still spit out worse case scenerio. You may have something broken or mAy need to invest in a new ac that can stress you or it could be a simple fix like it needs to be cleaned or freon. And then problem solved. We feel relief and move on. We do not keep worrying about the ac. Just waiting for it to break and we certainly don't move on to something else thinking oh no, what if something goes wromg with my car, or the washer and then start checking it constantly to see if it's still working. Cause we do not have a fear hanging over us about stuff like that.

You see what I'm saying? I sure hope I have made sense. I just wanted to point this out. ;)
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