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Author Topic: Blood spots under skin of feet  (Read 278 times)

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Blood spots under skin of feet
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:43:47 PM »
So a few months ago I was finding tiny little dots of blood under the skin of my feet, normally one foot at a time, they were kind of orangey-brownish that would appear randomly and then suddenly fade. I was freaking out about leukemia, and so my mum got me new, sturdier shoes, which got rid of the problem more or less-if there were any blood spots, they weren't obvious enough for me to see.

Yesterday I spent a long time in the car; me and my mum went somewhere about an hour/an hour and a half away so she could do some face-painting, but when we got there, she'd forgotten the face paints so we had to go all the way back, pick them up, drive back again and then once the fair was over drive back home again. My mum has loads of tiles and bottles of water in the car for her work, so I was kind of sitting with my feet amongst them and I took my shoes off for a little bit since it was taking so long.
That evening, I was in the bath and saw the biggest blood spot I had ever seen. It was actual blood that had just formed under the skin, not a circle but kind of random shapes-there were only about two or three of them but they were pretty big and red. I'm now freaking out about leukemia again-the most obvious answer would be that I hit my feet on the tiles but that wouldn't make much sense and I'm going to the doctors about it tomorrow but I am really freaking out and there's all sorts of 'oooohh what if it's cancer' 'oooohh what if it's terminal' thoughts running around my head.
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