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Author Topic: Leukemia is ruining my life with real symptoms  (Read 638 times)

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Leukemia is ruining my life with real symptoms
« on: July 07, 2014, 08:56:20 AM »
Here is my story, im 17, Ive had anxiety for a hile now and I see a CBT (cognitive behavior therapist) or however you spell it, But now Im facing something I cant handle, and this is blood cancer, I have nearly all the symptoms and they ARE THERE but what im most concerned about is the fullness is my left back area where the spleen is, i swear im positive my spleen is swollen:( and I cant take it anymore, I just got over a bad bout of weakness and now I feel great But last night I was eating and my brother made me laugh and later when I did a regular throat clear there was a little blood in the mucous not alot at all, I do have nose bleeds from time to time from my allergies but I havent had one in weeks, and as far as the spleen i WAS lifting heavy boxes of books for my aunt the day before it started so maybe its a muscle Ive talked to two medical professionals who laugh at me thinking I have leukemia and say drink water (I Mostly drink soda) and get rest (I dont sleep very good), but I just dont know what to do and i am afraid to go to the doctor, I had blood work done maybe a year ago because of a bad sore throat I had, Im just really afraid right now and IDK how im goinig to get over this thing, this isnt the first bout of hypochondria Ive had either I had a terrible one about my heart stopping and one about aids and lung cancer, something funny that happened yesterday is that when I took a xanax the feeling in my left side/back went away?? And I enjoyed myself for the rest of the day, but It came back and i still feel it now after 4 days:(
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Re: Leukemia is ruining my life with real symptoms
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 11:57:39 AM »
You've found logical reasons for your symptoms - heavy lifting, poor sleep, dehydration, allergies and of course the big one ANXIETY - and have consulted with doctors who see no red flags with your symptoms. 

I've known people with loved ones who did have leukemia.  There was never a time when the doctors said "oh, they're fine" and told them to go home.  The doctors were always concerned. 

Talk to your therapist about your continued worries; if you're not finding your current therapy effective they might have other ways to try and help you.
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