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Author Topic: Swollen lymph nodes! Gad with HA  (Read 523 times)

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Swollen lymph nodes! Gad with HA
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:18:38 AM »
I suffer from GAD on and off. And now HA attacked me again after a few years of no HA.  I use to get swollen lymph nodes when I was younger (if I get a scratch or wound on a certain part of my body) then suddenly now that I am 24 years old, I got a pain in my armpit (left only) and tried touching it and it was indeed a swollen lymph node! It was like 1cm and very swollen and painful. I got scared.. I did a bit of research and found that deodorants also causes lymph nodes.. I lessen my deodorant and poof they were gone after like 2 days. I also get lymph nodes when I get sick like a slight cold or cough. And sometimes when I get exposed with people who are sick (like fever or influenza) How come I don't get them before and now I keep getting them for like every 2 months now! Every time I use too much deodorant again it comes back on my armpit. I injured my heel and another popped into my groin. It's bothering me cause I don't get them
Before and now they get there whenever I catch a cold I something. Please help.. I have severe health anxiety now. I am afraid it's HIV and its scaring me a lot. Because I noticed the swollen lymph nodes started activating when I had unprotected sex with a friend 11 days after. it made me depressed and kept telling my self how stupid stupid stupid i am. i so regret it. i cry like im so depressed and sometimes thinking that I should just die because im useless. i didnt experience night sweats, rashes or sore throat. Just the lymph nodes whenever I get minor cold. i did experienced fever with aches but its because we swimmed in a pool with so much people and it was a night swimming and I got fever after 2 days. I don't poke my lymph nodes. I just notice them when I move my arm or groin there is pain and if I touch it its there. I did CBC and everything is
Normal. I got tested for syphillis and hepa b it's both negative. Sometimes I don't think
About it but whenever I get another swollen lymph node I panic! Help me anyone :( I'm so freaking paranoid now
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