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Author Topic: The more i read, the more i belive. NPD?  (Read 467 times)

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Re: The more i read, the more i belive. NPD?
« Reply #10 on: July 08, 2014, 02:55:28 AM »
Hi :) I'm responding to this at your request.

I know what you're going through, and I know what it's like to feel scared too. As I was saying in one of your other topics, I seem to worry about something different every day too. Not to the extent that you do, but some days can definitely be worse than others.

To be honest, I really have no idea about throat cancer or what the symptoms of it are; I'm completely clueless when it comes to diseases like that because to be honest, I'm not a doctor. The only knowledge I have of the body is the introductory biology class that they make us take as a General Education class in college. I would find out more about diseases and the body, but Googling and researching things about that on the Internet only make my anxiety worse. Speaking of that, reading about NPD or throat cancer online and taking those quizzes is really something that you need to stay away from. Those quizzes are very inaccurate. See, a person can be a bit narcissistic sometimes, but that doesn't mean that they have the full disorder. But anyways, about the throat cancer, I think it's really unlikely that you have it. It's more likely that you have extreme anxiety over it. I worry about similar things, but I'm alive and healthy, typing this message. I thought that there was something wrong with my heart, but I had my doctor listen to it and I had an EKG, and she said that it sounded perfectly healthy. For your own peace of mind, you should get checked out by your doctor. It really helped to lessen my anxiety.

I do know a few things about psychology and mental disorders, and I'm pretty sure you don't have NPD. I actually know someone with NPD. My friend's sister has it. And as sixpack up there mentioned, people with NPD wouldn't know that they had such a disorder, and they would flat out deny having it if someone pointed it out to them. They wouldn't care either. I told you this before when you were worried about having schizophrenia and/or being a sociopath: the fact that you're so worried about having the disorder proves that you most likely don't have it, even with the supposed symptoms you pointed out. In fact, you sound like almost the opposite of someone with NPD, in my opinion.

For example, one of the classic symptoms of NPD is the lack of empathy, but you clearly have empathy for other people, with all of the examples that you mentioned, like the guy on Youtube whose dream of being a singer made you cry a little when he actually achieved it, or how you try and surprise your mom by cleaning the kitchen to make her happy. And as I mentioned before, people with NPD simply wouldn't care if they had any of the symptoms that you pointed out. And some of the symptoms you pointed out are just completely different. You said that you're shy, indecisive, and sometimes worried about your appearance and what other people might be thinking about it. These are not symptoms of NPD. I'm honestly curious why you think you have it. About the other things you mentioned, they're honestly not that strange. People arguing with each other always feel like their opinion is the right one. Everyone feels greedy or protective of their money sometimes, and most people will brag if given the chance. I'm around your age, and I still don't know what I want to do with my life either. Extreme laziness can be a symptom of your ADHD. I have ADD, and when I don't take my stimulant medication to correct for it, I'm extremely sluggish and lazy too.

You really really need to slow down, and maybe see a therapist. I know that it's not an easy step, but they can really really help you. You have a psychiatrist, but honestly, just seeing a psychiatrist isn't enough. A therapist can be sympathetic, helpful and friendly. Anyways, I hope I was able to to help you in some way.
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Re: The more i read, the more i belive. NPD?
« Reply #11 on: July 08, 2014, 09:37:54 AM »
Hey Nicolas,
I relate to your struggles with empathy, I have them too, have had them all my life. I don't have NPD though I am a high functioning autistic with aspergers syndrome and we aspies notoriously have issues with empathy. I am not at all suggesting that you yourself have aspergers, there is no way I'd be able to make that diagnosis. What I am suggesting is that some of what you are experiencing, while frustrating might not be all that serious. I struggle with empathy but I have been able to learn how to be more empathetic, it is a learned skill.
Hang in there
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Re: The more i read, the more i belive. NPD?
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2014, 10:20:45 PM »
Thank you both so much for your replies!

And to  saffron i didn mean to 'use' you as a doctor, sorry :)

You are right with the throat cancer, i too have had an ekg cause i was scared of my heart, im aware its anxiety, i know theres nothing wrong, but i belive there is, if it makes sense at all.

About the NPD thing you are right aswell, i see it when others tells me, but when i do myself i dont.
You asked why i think i have it, well. I know for a fact my whole life i have been a jerk :p
And the last 6 months i have been to my girlfriend and im scared i dont feel as guilty as i should. There is alot more reasons that would fit perfectly into having NPD but there is some stuff as you say that rules it out, so my behavior must be something else :)

To mike, i am glad you have learned to be more empathetic, and that it is possible.

I hope you can learn to manage your aspergers (if you already have, then i hope you get way more controll :) )

Im kinda speechless and dont know what to say other than i really apprichiate both your replies! And thank you for the help :) As far as adhd by the way, i am starting on medication soon, i think its called Dex amptefemin or similar. And i really really hope itll change my life. I have read a few stories of what adhd medication did to them and it did change their life :)

I mean.. i cant even eat dinner because im distracted right away, inside my head or by anything outside my head :p

Thank you
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