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Author Topic: Lost in *****  (Read 217 times)

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Lost in *****
« on: July 04, 2014, 05:29:39 PM »
Hello all..I could really use some help..I am 40yrs old. . Married with 2 small children. .I have suffered with panic and anxiety on and off for 15yrs..I was doing really good and have never had to take meds. .I was handling stressful situations great and was really proud of myself. .until June 15, brother passed away unexpectedly. .He was just was a great shock to my system. ..A great loss to my family. . Now my panic is 100 times worse..The racing thoughts about dying and dread..I can't get my thoughts straight. .That feeling seems to take over my mind..I feel scared all the time. .I have xanax but I can't take it all the time because I have to take care of my kids. .It's just really hard..We are not sure what happened to him, We think it was his heart but waiting for the autopsy. So every twinge I get in my chest or arm scares the heck out of me..
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Re: Lost in *****
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2014, 05:26:30 AM »
This might be a good time to seek out help in the form of therapy. Because after a death comes the grief. It is the same with everyone. You mix that with your anxiety and you have an even worse problem. It would be good to sit down and talk to an expert. One who could guide you through these tough times. We all need help at one time or another. I think this may be your time to get that help. So you can sort out the thoughts in your head and work through exactly how you are feeling right now. To just leave it as it is may only make it worse.
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