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Author Topic: I always convince myself that I'm sick, how do I stop this?  (Read 430 times)

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I've been officially diagnosed with OCD and emetephobia, yet I have also been unofficially been diagnosed with hypochondria. It's been really bad lately, despite the fact that it's summer and my major stressor, school, is no longer prominent. I have spent days on days in bed, declining my friends' invites to hang out, all because I get this idea in my head that I'm sick, and once that sets in, there's no going back. Some days I'll just wake up and I'll have this overall sick feeling, which encompasses a feverish-like feeling, fatigue, nausea, throat tightness, headache, dizziness, upset stomach, and more. When I have these "sick days" I often feel like I'm actually going to vomit/gag, and it's terrifying, as it basically stops me from doing anything else for the rest of the day because I figure I have a norovirus or flu of some sort. And even now, I'm on vacation in one of my favorite places on Earth (I've been coming here since I was very little) with my family and one of my friends, and I'm still having a really tough time. I'm currently in the beach house alone because I was too afraid to go shopping on the island with my family because my stomach hurts and I've felt sick since yesterday, even though I bet I'm not sick. It's even tough to get myself down to the beach, which is right outside our porch, and it's killing me. I'm sick of missing out due to the fact that I always think I'm sick, as I've missed way too many cool experiences (or didn't miss them and suffered through them, feeling sick) with my friends, and it's really upsetting. I take so many safety precautions that just make me feel worse, such as Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, and excessive amounts of sugar free gum and Altoids mints, as I've been stuck on the fact that they prevent gagging since about 4th grade, and it's starting to get insane. I stopped going to my therapist as my other symptoms of OCD had died down a lot, should I return to him? Is there anything else I can do to at least try to enjoy myself for the trip, without being convinced that I'm sick? Does anyone else have a similar type of hypochondria, as I normally see anxiety related to terminal/infectious diseases, but mine is more having to do with stomach viruses and overall sickness. Thanks for any help!
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