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Author Topic: Persistant throat ache  (Read 337 times)

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Persistant throat ache
« on: July 04, 2014, 07:25:30 AM »
Back in november i had a pretty bad tonsils infection, at least it felt bad, subsequent blood analysis indicated a mild bacterial infection but for about a week i could bearly swallow anything at all and had pus all over my tonsils, I think that the right tonsil was affected more because it was larger and generally looked more inflamed. Anyhow at this point due to the asymmetry of tonsils i freaked out that it might be lymphoma, this was back in november. All the ENT's i've seen reassured me it was not cancer but eventually my ENT agreeded to remove them because they've been bugging me quite a bit in the last year with repeated infections, he as well agreeded to send them for a biopsy to give me a peace of mind. This was late february, operation went well, recovery was not really as horrific as people usually think and biopsy came back clear, no cancer. But then after the post op pain was gone that damn feeling on the right side of my throat came back, whenever i swallow there is this extremly mild pain-type feeling, i say pain-type because it isnt quite pain, arghhh don't know how to describe it. Sometimes i don't feel it, if i swallow carefully and not as forcefully as i have been last 7 months but usually its there. ENT scoped the back of my throat 3 times and said everything looks perfectly normal. I have two lymph nodes on both sides of my neck but they are < 0.5mm and in general feel normal. Since that infection i as well have this indentation on my thumb called "beaus lines" which can apparently indicate a presence of systemic disease or something, its freaking me out. I am tired of constantly swallowing and then waiting to see if i feel anything been doing it for 7 months non stop and i can't seem to make myself stop cos i feel ill miss something if i do. Life's a bit of a hell in general... Anyway any and all advice is appreciated. 
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