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Author Topic: pain due to lymphoma, hypochondria? cannot think rationally I need some advice  (Read 654 times)

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So in December I noticed a few lymph nodes in my neck and armpits. I saw a doctor and received a chest x-ray,blood tests, and ultrasound. All tests came back OK and none of the lymph nodes have gotten bigger in 6 months. However I also read about the alcohol related pain and decided to try it myself(being a hypochondriac). Sure enough I noticed a slight pain that lasted a few seconds. I panicked and soon began testing it every time I went out.
Almost every time I noticed some twinge or pain often in different parts of my neck and sometimes armpit that usually only lasted a few seconds. I became worried and explained this to my doctor who disregarded this symptom saying I would have lymph nodes the size of golf balls by now, and was just a hypochondriac.
However over the past few weeks I have had some chest and shoulder pain after exercise(especially running), and on off during the day although again I am told this is normal and just my hypochondria.
So, beginning Wednesday, about three hours after having a glass of champagne, I began having right arm and shoulder pain that was on and off all day yesterday, I also went out last night and felt it even more after having a glass of rum and water. Today I still have been having this pain.
What is this? Does it sound like something sinister is going on here? Or am I just a sensitive hypochondriac that needs to relax?
Thanks for any responses.
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I have these same issues as you. Swollen nodes in neck and super sore upper back and shoulder muscles ... Like tender to the touch. Even my neck muscles are sore to the touch - doctor I went and saw said she couldn't feel any nodes and thought that what I was feeling was knots in my muscles. I had a CBC back in mid June and it was ll normal except for slightly elevated WBC count - diff was fine. I'm definitely in pain and have ear aches, slightly sore throat, mild cough etc., so a rational person would think they have a cold. I have myself convinced I have lymphoma. I don't know - I don't really have advice to give. I just hope that we are both fine. I know I've been under a lot of stress for a few months straight now, so wonder if all the pain is tension induced. Ugh. Anxiety.
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