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Author Topic: Please read!  (Read 548 times)

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Re: Please read!
« Reply #10 on: June 29, 2014, 12:48:22 PM »
yes other people have posted AND I told you it has happened to me.

How can you be sure?????   How can you be sure you don't have a hidden heart problem right now?  How can you be sure you won't get in a car accident tomorrow or struck by lightening???  You can't be sure.

Bottom line:  Joyce you will never be sure no matter what you are told.  this surety just doesn't exist--at least for a HA person.

so you have a choice to make,  continue to monitor/google/self check and live in fear of a disease you don't have OR take a leap of faith and realize the farfetchedness of you having ALS and start working on your thinking disorder.  How much of your life are willing to give away to anxiety?
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MOST anxiety occurs on a subconscious level.  JUST because you don't feel consciously anxious or had a day or two of calm doesn't mean your mind & body are relaxed.  It can take months of reduced anxiety before a body goes back to a more non-reactive state