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Author Topic: Health Anxiety Sufferers.....SOS....please RESPOND  (Read 220 times)

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Health Anxiety Sufferers.....SOS....please RESPOND
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:32:08 PM »
So if you're like me, you are often running to the doctors office with new unsettling symptoms and worries. Today marks a week since I last went to the urgent care thinking I had MS and a week BEFORE that I went in again for a bunch of blood work another doctor. And that blood work came back CLEAR, WHICH I still went to urgent care worrying that I STILL might have something. My most current and bothersome symptoms right now are a kind of tingling on the right side of my head which travels to my temple and down my neck, it feels like a tingling and numb feeling. is a dull kind of feeling which never seems to go away, and I'm not sure if its anxiety or a BRAIN TUMOR OR WORSE. so today (exactly a week after I wen to urgent care) I feel like going back. I feel that I need more examinations and more assurance. Last week the doctor told me EERYTHING WAS FINE that I was a HEALTHY young woman and I need not be worrying about this. he just prescribed me .5mg of Ativan. which helped....but not enough to make my symptoms go away. I feel that they don't pay attention or take me seriously since I go there so often....WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????
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