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Author Topic: New to the forum but worried about symptoms I am having. Anyone have this simil  (Read 2048 times)

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Well thanks to everybody on here for giving me opinions/advice.  I saw my doctor today and said with 100% that what I have is anxiety and has given me a referral to see a psychologist.   He said I might ultimately need a psychiatrist but that would be later on.  He recommended I started to work out at least a few times a week, and to start relaxing a bit and not letting work/life get to me.  He also increased the dose of my anti depressant from 25mg to 50mg and said to see him again in a month so we can go over the results.  He is a great doctor for sure as he spent at least 25 minutes- 40 minutes explaining things to me and asking how I am doing, and what maybe causing all the anxiety.  He genuinely does care to know how his patients are doing, which is is something I respect, and have never seen before from a doctor.  Most doctors I have seen, would spend no more than 10 minutes with you.  Thanks again guys!
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Good news!  No go enjoy the weekend and be worry free!
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I am very anxious hence being on this forum! and I suffer with the same. I sit typing at a pc all day as i'm a medical secretary (also not great for a ha sufferer)! I have a numb left tingly arm that goes down the ring finger and little finger. I also get a number tingly face on the right side. I was told it was all anxiety related. I have all the other typical anxiety symptoms; headaches, palpitations, chest pains, shortness of breath like I can't get enough air, tingling extremeties, brain fog, depression, fatigue etc etc.. so unless I have MS, a brain tumour and a heart problem.. I guess they're all pinned on anxiety! I know this but it's hard to actually make myself believe it! Have been suffering from anxiety for a pretty long time now and it's debilitating!

Nice to know we can all help eachother and reassure!
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