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Author Topic: Probability of getting whooping cough?  (Read 268 times)

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Probability of getting whooping cough?
« on: June 25, 2014, 01:46:01 PM »
This is a new one for me, unfortunately. Yesterday, we got a letter home from my school saying that someone in the school has been diagnosed with whooping cough. I wasn't familiar with the illness, so I looked it up- and it's basically my worst nightmare. I have an extreme case of emetephobia and a large fear of gagging, and you both gag constantly and throw up with whooping cough. I have all my vaccinations, but apparently you can still get it even if you've had the most recent booster of dTap and tDap. Ever since yesterday I've felt the urge to gag, and I know it's almost 100% likely that it's just in my head, but I can't stop worrying about it. School is over now so I won't have any contact with that person who was diagnosed, but regardless, it apparently has a lengthy incubation period, and I only finished school yesterday. It would be my absolute worst nightmare to get it!

Does anybody know how possible it is to get whooping cough?
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Re: Probability of getting whooping cough?
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2014, 02:49:09 PM »
For you less than 1%

enjoy your summer and hang with your bff's :)

don't get me wrong it's highly contagious but what are the chances you were in close proximity to the person for a lengthy amount of time to come in contact with fluids from a cough or sneeze?
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Re: Probability of getting whooping cough?
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2014, 02:53:24 PM »
Whopping cough sucks, but I only know one person who had it and she like had it for a month and once it was gone it was gone there were no lasting effects.
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