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Author Topic: So tired of feeling "off" maybe blood sugar issue?!?  (Read 230 times)

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So tired of feeling "off" maybe blood sugar issue?!?
« on: June 23, 2014, 06:04:37 PM »
When I first posted here it was due to headaches with numbness and tingling in hands and feet. As I've posted before, an MRI ruled out brain tumor and MS. Headaches have subsided. Tingling comes and goes. Today...a new "episode". As I was walking in the grocery store today I began feeling very lightheaded, short of breath, and the point I thought I was going to have to sit on grocery floor. I kept going though hurrying to finish. Once in the car the feeling continued along with feeling very nervous.

I made it home, told my husband how I was feeling and laid down. He asked what I had eaten today and I realized all I had was 3 chicken nuggets, watermelon, and a large sweet tea from chick fil a. Of course I panicked thinking episode was cardiac related (no chest pain though). Now I'm wondering if it was blood sugar and/or caffeine related bc I RARELY drink any caffeine bc of anxiety.

Now I'm playing the "what if" game...what if it is cardiac and I ignored it. (Btw I had a clear EKG not long ago and clear echo a year ago)

Any thoughts or advice?? Thanks!
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Re: So tired of feeling "off" maybe blood sugar issue?!?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 06:51:08 PM »
Its very possible that the lack of nutritious food contributed to the sensations as well as the heavy dose of sugar. Members of my family as well as myself get shaky, jellylegged and weak when not having enough good food to eat during the course of an active day.  Catastrophic thinking = What If.  I know this line of thinking well as I do it way to much myself.  Have something nutritious to eat and see how you feel afterwards.  I bet you'll start to feel better.  Take care
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