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Author Topic: worried about anxiety getting worse because i'm on my period????  (Read 264 times)

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ok this is going to be kind of a if you don't like talking about/reading about periods, then you may want to leave.

my periods arent regular in the first place, so i never really know if i'm going to have my period or not when it comes to that time; so usually i'll end up feeling horrible and then i start and i'm like 'ohhhhhh that makes sense' lol

anyway, my last few periods have been a living hell (even more than normal), probably because of everything that's going on (my mom getting remarried, moving ect.). On my last period i was so depressed and anxious and it scared me so much because i was afraid of becoming really depressed again, and it got so bad that at one point on like the second day, i was laying in bed and within a span of about 30-40 seconds i went from a mild nagging feeling of anxiety (like always) to a full on anxiety attack that included puking like 4 times, sobbing, shaking, i almost passed out, and on the verge of hyperventilation. my mom took me outside and we walked around for about 30 minutes which helped a lot because is was nice and cool out.
so i think it was around a week later i had an appointment with my therapist and she suggested that i talk to my doctor about possibly going on birth control to help control my hormones and such, but i'v heard a lot of really not good things about taking birth control to control your period, and i just really didn't like that idea.

so my last like 3-4 periods have been like that ^^ but not quite as horrible, and now i just started my period today, and i'm really worried because i'm going to my friends house tomorrow and i don't want to end up having a anxiety attack while i'm at her house, and i'm afraid it's going to be another really bad period because i'm already really emotional because of moving, and last wednesday was my last time seeing my therapist and it's been really hard for me and my anxiety/depression has spiked the last few days because of it.
i don't know what options i have..i mean i can't really go to the doctor before we move because we're moving next sunday, and i can't talk to my therapist about it, or really anyone else for that matter. i'm just in a horrible mood today and it makes it worse because i feel like crap because i keep snapping at everyone...

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Re: worried about anxiety getting worse because i'm on my period????
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2014, 09:38:48 PM »
I can relate to what you are talking about.  My emotions tend to really get out of whack before my period.  Some months I would be really anxious, sometimes depressed and sometimes angry.  I've been on the pill since college.  I started because I was having major cramps.  The pill really cured the cramping, but not the emotional issues.  Everyone is different though.  One good thing is that it can regulate you so at least you know why you are getting really anxious/depressed.  You are going through a lot right now.  It is understandable that you are in a bad mood.  I have had a few panic attacks, but I think mine are mild compared to many others on this forum.  I don't know what to tell you about your fear of having one tomorrow.  I think you should go and try to have a good time.  You probably won't have an attack, but even if you did, remember that you will get through it.  Yes, it is miserable at the time, but the feelings will go away.  Also remember that you aren't alone.  There are lots of people here who share your pain.  I wish you well on your move.
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