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Author Topic: Im Here To Talk And Listen!  (Read 272 times)

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Im Here To Talk And Listen!
« on: June 19, 2014, 03:22:47 AM »
Hello! I discovered this website a couple of years ago and it the people here really helped me out and I want to help out as best as I can, I suffered my first anxiety/panic attack about 3 years ago, racing heart that felt like it was going to give out on me, fuzzy vision that felt like everything was going to black out , cold sweats while body was heating up... I was a mess I stripped down in my boxers and ran outside to get some air and I felt like a lunatic, I felt like death was around the corner and I could not control body was also spazzing out of  control... I was 19 at the time and in good shape (boxing/track and field), a athlete in HS ... I did not know why this was happening , I felt so helpless and so horrible! I was rushed to a hospital and had a ekg done on me and other test and left the ER being told everything was fine.

Well it got worse actually,  I experienced that feeling almost every day!, During/After working out,while im sleeping,thunder etc ,I felt like nothing... I felt like a boy instead of a man, I was so paranoid I was afraid to eat or drink in fear of being poisoned , I keep my eye on everybody to be ready for someone trying to attack me  while doing simple things like walking to a store, I suffered and even though I am 22 years old I still suffer today, Im better than I was 3 years ago but still every day is a fight and most times I lose to the panic/anxiety disorder , sometimes I win and fight it off but that is kinda rare.

Talking and listening to others and trying my best to comfort them by letting them know that even though no one around them may be able to empathize or understand them they are not alone!

PM me if you want to talk... do not be nervous I just want to help!
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