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Author Topic: Does anyone else have a weird fear of light/daytime/nightime?  (Read 301 times)

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So, for a while, even before my anxiety and panic started, I had a lot of weird nightmares. In the nightmares, I would wake up in the middle of the night and discover that it was light out in the middle of the dream. Sometimes, this had a very frightening explanation - like that the sun was exploding, or a nuke got dropped nearby, or a comet was about to hit the Earth. Always something out of my (or anyone's) control. Other times, there was no explanation  - the sun would just inexplicably be up at 2 AM. In the dreams, I would be certain that I was going to die. That always leads to me waking up in a panic and frantically opening the blinds to look out the windows. If it's light out when I wake up, even from the moon, needless to say that it scares me even more.

What concerns me is that that little moment of panic when I wake up is spilling into the day sometimes. I find myself dreading nighttime, because I feel that I'll wake up at 2 AM and find that the sun is up. When I wake up late and it's already light out, I always panic, even if I didn't have the nightmare that night. When anything at all changes my perception of how long the sun is out - like a bad rainstorm, or being indoors past sunset - it makes me panic. If I look out my window at night and see that it's light out from a full moon, I have a full-blown panic attack. In other words, I'm absolutely terrified that the sun is going to rise at night, and it's going to cause me to die or get stuck in a cycle. (I'm also terrified of being stuck in a Groundhog-Day-style time loop. OK, that one sounds crazier.) It sounds ridiculous, I know.

Does anyone else have anything like this? I feel like I'm going crazy.
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Torture is great. I do it to myself all day, every day.