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Author Topic: mental health office or family medical center therapist?  (Read 177 times)

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mental health office or family medical center therapist?
« on: June 15, 2014, 07:43:22 PM »
So before i had got health insurance i was so desperate for help with my anxiety and depression  i started calling around and was seeing if anybody could set up an appointment that specialized in anxiety/depression disorders. I had finally found a adult clinic that dealt with those disorders and they set me up an appointment but it wasn't for at least a month. I took it. But then weeks later I had finally got approved for health insurance and i decided to make an appointment with a regular family doctor. At that appointment i didnt really click with the doctor but she had referred me to a social worker in another town so i said ok i might as well make that appointment too. So my appointment came with the adult clinic and it was pretty much just an intake and questions being asked, was an ok appointment but i didn't really get to into detail about my issues. they set up a meeting with the doctor there an that july 14. so the next week i had the other appointment with the social worker and i went in not knowing what was going to happen. I talked to her about my problems and she was pretty understanding and i felt comfortable talking with her. she wanted me off my anti anxiety med that ive been on for years an try to get on zoloft. When i asked her some questions about how to take zoloft and wean myself off she said that she would set me up with a regular doctor at the same facility and the doctor would go over that with me, so i took it that she was a therapist but not that type that deals with her patients and medications. So now im confused at who i should be seeing to get help with my anxiety/depression. The adult clinic i still dont know what to expect but i'm going to be talking with a doctor there who im hoping would know how to wean off meds and get me on the right process of taking something to help my my anxiety. On the other hand i have the social worker/therapist at the family doctor's office who had said she wants to get me off the anti anxiety med safely and onto the anti deprsnt but when i went to my doctor appointment she set up the doctor didnt even have a plan to help me, she just said well take the anti deprsnt and slowly wean off lorazepam. I need more information than that before i start to take these two big scary steps forward into my recovery. I don't know who i should be more comfortable seeing and taking there plan of action. its all sooooo confusing and wish i could find a full time job fast so i can have kaiser type medical insurance so i can see some good docs because i feel like im getting the run around from every appointment im going to. I want help with ths crap.
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Re: mental health office or family medical center therapist?
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 05:39:52 AM »
Seems a bit of an odd set up for you. What I would do? Ask a straight forward question to the person you feel more at ease with. Ask them who will be helping you with the therapy side of things. Will it be any of them or will you have to look elsewhere for that kind of help. Let them know how confused you are. That you are looking for therapy. They will answer your questions. Social worker just seems a bit odd to be offering therapy. I always assumed they only dealt with family problems and the likes. I would be looking for a therapist. A person who deals only in therapy. Ask have they go that option available. Nothing worse than expecting one thing and getting another.
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