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Author Topic: I literally just got done having a endoscopy 2 hr. ago , now 2nd guessing  (Read 523 times)

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Yes I have a fear of developing GERD I know it's silly but it's the truth . So that fact that there is " something " on the result even though the dr said everything is normal is worrying me , she said my esophagus shows no irritation to acid reflux , so if I really did have acid reflux for 2 weeks like I thought then I suppose it would have showed some irritation which it didn't . She said it was probably from my sinus as I did have a a lot of mucus in my throat , sorry I know that sounds gross . I'm afraid of GERD because u always have it and need to be on Mexicans for it and my HA fears are chronic illness .

Everyone here has "silly' fears...there is no judgment from me.  I hate the be the bearer of bad news but as we age chronic illnesses are bound to come for most human beings.  GERD is easily treatable for most, certainly nothing to lose sleep over (well unless you had a bad slice of 4 day old sausage pizza) :)
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