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Author Topic: Horrible Allergies? Feels like I'm falling apart.  (Read 319 times)

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Horrible Allergies? Feels like I'm falling apart.
« on: June 10, 2014, 07:21:26 PM »
Firstly I have been getting a lump in my throat for quite some time. I have been to an ENT who pretty much said nothing wrong, anxiety even though I have very cryptic tonsils that get stones in them DAILY and for some reason I can see my epiglottis. (I got a peak at this which freaked me out whilst dealing with the tonsil stone issue at hand) Apparently according to my ENT some people can see theirs, others cannot. I never noticed mine before, I might have always been able to see it, but never shone a light back there so Idk. Anyways I ended up going to an allergist who did the scratch test showing I have a dust mite allergy (the scratch really inflamed my arm.) his only advice really was to vacuum more, and use this nasal spray. HOWEVER this is due to the fact that he wanted me to try an experimental sublingual tablet to get rid of allergies and I wasn't able to take any anti allergy pills. As of late I have been having to clear my throat all the time due to visible PND. I also have started to get headaches, burning in my sinuses and today my ears are hurting too. I feel like my throat is going to close up, how do you guys deal with allergies? Does anxiety exasperate your allergies? Never had issues until this year.
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Re: Horrible Allergies? Feels like I'm falling apart.
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2014, 06:12:21 AM »
Anxiety doesn't make you allergies worse but it will make you think your allergies are something more sinister.

Doc is correct - if you have a dust mite allergy the only think you can really do it keep the dust level in your house as low as possible.  Get a good vacuum cleaner and use it often. 

Dust and dust mites are everywhere - no getting away from them
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