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Author Topic: I got sick for a year and doctors weren't able to do anything to help me.  (Read 561 times)

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My after a month my friends and family were unable to help me anymore because they said it was just anxiety, and maybe it was but I was out of work with anxiety for longer than most people are out for surgery, I had migraine headaches gerontological problems, tingling in my extremities, chest pain and a chronic sore throat and cough along with many more minor physical symptoms. I spent a week or so out sick and to tired to do anything, and I was taking prescription pain medicine for the chest pain and smoking pot for the headaches, and drinking Pepto Bismo for my stomach problems because I was so afraid of my physical symptoms because I was so afraid of my physical symptoms I needed something to treat them. Then I went back to work but I was still sick and was functioning on about 50% energy physically and emotionally. Eventually I got my step father to stay with me. He said that he didn't care whether my symptoms were caused by anxiety of not I deserved to have someone stay with me when I was sick. By the time I saw the Gastroenterologist I had already lost faith in western medicine. At this point going to doctors about my physical symptoms made my physical symptoms worse so I stopped going to doctors. I did get the upper scope done by the gastroenterologist before I stopped seeing him and he told me I had micro ulcers, and that I should try not to take aspirin which wasn't possible because I was getting migraine headaches. He also put me on acid reflux medication to help my stomach problems which did nothing to help my physical symptoms. I asked him what I should take for the migraines and he said that he was the wrong doctor to ask about headaches. I then went to a general practitioner and got some prescription headaches medicine which I latter learned was unaffective for migraines, but by then my stomach problems had gotten enough better that I was willing to take aspirin for my headaches. At this point I started going to a acupuncturist in an attempt to deal with some of my physical symptoms. The first few sessions seamed to help but it seamed like I got diminishing return. Eventually I went to a new gastroenterologist which told me that yes my symptoms could be caused by anxiety.

I didn't tell most people I was going through it while it was happening, I was just desperately trying to figure out how to get back to the life I had before. When I did talk about it I simply said I was dealing with health problems and left it at that. And now a year has past and most of my physical symptoms have gotten better but I still have flashback to the days I ended up in the ER with anxiety attacks and I don't know what to do about it at this point. I can't exactly go to a doctor about physical symptoms I had a year ago, but now every time I get a tension headache I worry it's going to turn into a migraine, and when I get stomach problems I worry that I'm going to throw up. I'm not sure how to move past this at this point but I feel as if I need help. I feel so alone right now.
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