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Author Topic: Really looking for some advice  (Read 286 times)

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Really looking for some advice
« on: June 10, 2014, 02:28:35 AM »
Alright so I've been dealing with extreme ocd and the fear of having schizophernia, one of my fears is like having delusions so it's like my imagination comes up with all these random delusions and it scares me so much so to make sure I don't believe this crap I test myself to see if I actually believe it, so for example I'll get the thought "What if everyone is out to get me?" So Ill test myself to see if I think this because I'm so scared and I'll ask myself "Do you actually think everyone out to get you?" And whenever I do that it's like I can't answer, this is my main problem it's like my brain freezes and the thought becomes abstract and I'm so scared if I believe it! I've read so much stuff on this and I know people with real delusion don't even know it and they never question their beliefs they fully believe them, but it doesn't help. So my questions are is this just ocd like is this just extreme doubt and uncertainty? How come I can't answer it? Any advice would really help
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Re: Really looking for some advice
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2014, 11:13:14 AM »
reading you story is what was exactly going on in my head last September.. i started out with harm ocd then i changed to i was losing it after seeing on the news a guy running about shooting people as he thought they where out for him.. well when i saw this my mind ran wild i started panicking again and my 1st main set back happened.. something new my OCD could get me back in to the loop with

its that fear of going schiz keeping you feeling like this, its because you a looking for answers to a thought that pops into your head that actually means nothing.

Can you look at your thoughts rationally and know that its just in your head and not real? If so then you are not having a psychotic episode as people in this state are not aware and fully believe that what is in there head is real! (my psychologist told me this)

you need to not answer the question that pops in to your head as it is this that makes you feel worse not better as all you are doing is telling the thought it has something to fear as you are reacting to it....

i stopped questioning the thought once i realised and accepted it was just my anxiety/ocd playing a cheap and nasty trick to get me back into the hell crawled out of before...

how do you do that i hear you say... well the only way to face it is to have the question in your head and then donít answer it leave there let it run wild.. yes you will most likely feel worse and will feel like your are about to lose it but just say i most properly am and if its going to happen it will happen (that part is hard as you have to stop the need to control how you feel and think) let it be there while you carry on with your day do nothing to stop it coming in donít answer the question if people are after you  just let the question go un answered...

you have to be able to see even though you had that thought that actually nothing will actually come of it... thoughts arenít real especially the ones you are having they are just a product of your anxious state and your over tired mind trying to protect you from nothing as you have signalled that thought as danger and your mind constantly replays it to remind you of it and trying to figure it all out only adds stress to your mind that doesnít need any more..

getting over this takes time and it didnít change over night. this started in 2nd Sept 2013 and its now 10th June 2014 and yes i still get the odd random thought (past memories) trying to re trick me but i know better and leave it alone, this has allowed me to carry on living, i am just back from a trip to Miami Florida (i am in Scotland in the UK) and i done a 10 hour flight no problem so it is possible to regain your life but you have to stop letting your anxiety rule your life 1st..

you will never get better until you stop trying to get better "paul david at last a life"

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" you will never get better until you stop trying to get better" By Paul David author of " at last a life"