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Author Topic: UPDATE: Thyroid nodule biopsy was not performed correctly and nobody told me  (Read 290 times)

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About a month ago I had a thyroid nodule biopsied and there weren't enough cells in that biopsy to make an assessment of the nodule.

I had the biopsy redone May 26th by a different doctor (same otolaryngology group).  It went a lot smoother than the last time, which was good because my anxiety was really through the roof since the last guy hurt me.  This doctor numbed me up more.

I got the results June 3rd and it was benign.  They are gonna keep an eye on it with periodic ultrasounds, but I couldn't be more happy.

I still have a lingering gut problem, that might be my gallbladder, to sort out, but the biopsy thing is proof to my HA mind that things do not always turn out for the worst.
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Im glad everything is ok op :)
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Glad this one went smoothly and all came back well!
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