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Author Topic: Many years ago i was diagnosed  (Read 546 times)

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Many years ago i was diagnosed
« on: June 02, 2014, 03:34:57 PM »
Many years back i had horrible horrible weeks of total exhaustion,diareha,pain,nausea and i remember one Christmas crawling on the floor to put up the tree.Had three small children had too.
I two more times that i was totaly ill .
I thought it was blood sugars going so low,pain in my body i thought was from working to hard.
Lack of sleep ,
But the i started noticing it hurts to be touched ,and well i cannot fathom how a massage could ever be helpful yikes. ;*)
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,But then thats where it stopped,nothing was ever offered to help me.
I learned to take my daily load slower and learned that a common pattern happens ,getting upset or added stress would trigger it.
But for many years i avoided the big relapses.
But then a huge trauma happened i my life and then another,I have not been pain free for years now.
I wake every morning a reach for the advil ,my legs are stone,my arms are weak ,i walk like iam paralyized for the first few feet.walking up stairs is a feared thing omg it hurts.
Every bone ,every muscle ,every joint hurts .
I have about 8 piched nerves in my spine and neck ,and have a torn rotary cuff.and well ciatica too.
So i have chalked all the pain up to my own body falling apart.
But then i know that none of those above can all of a sudden cause your body to be drained for no reason ,all of a sudden im so wiped out it is all i can do it sit it out,cant eat ,and when i do feel nausiated,im like a deflated ballon ,when i get these they last about 20 min or so,and some days they happen all day and for days ,like the limbo time just before you pass out,scarey.
Im going to see a pain specialist soon, but for right now i take 8-10 extra strength advil to get through a day,and hot bath at night,and sleep as often as i can,a day without a nap is a miracle.
Some days ive kinda noticed about 45 min is about the amount of time i can go without wanting to lie done.
My diet doesnt help either live off doughnuts ,coffee and peanut butter sandwiches for the most part.i just dont want to eat.
And throw in menopause and hot flashes and emotional roller coaster ride from that hightened by anxiety and depression ,it is so hard for me to know what to fix first.
For the most part when i have mentioned this to a doc and test are performed ,they chalk it all up to age related issues ,hmmm well im 52 and this all started many years back.
When i get extra days off work i do start to feel a little better ,but yup you guessed it,do to much and suffer again, :spineyes:
Looking forward to pain specialist ,just hope i dont have a panic attack and blow it  :sprachlos020:
Anyway nap time i work later it is 12:30 here in the afternoon still havent had eaten,and wont either ,im in so much pain ,my body hates me .
Another toast day  :spineyes:
Does anyone get blurred vision for no reason ,it is so wierd and then it goes away ,usually in the morning ?
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Re: Many years ago i was diagnosed
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2014, 08:20:09 AM »
Yes on the blurred vision it is so agitating

I Have pain all the time and a lot stems from my back and if the back isn't well then we aren't well and you have 8 pinched nerves that right there is enough to make anyone drop to their knees and cry after standing or setting or doing whatever for just a little while and you work with that many no wonder you are hurting!! I am so sorry and mine is in lower spine with 3 disc and I also have Fibro and more wrong.

Eating a good diet does also make a difference and drinking plenty of water and rest also good solid sleeping in the REM Cycle.

I am tired also a lot and get worn out easily I didn't use too but at around age 30 my body changed and I started taking thyroid meds and still didn't feel right so since age 30 I haven't felt well and I am now 49.. so 19 years of feeling so blah and then add pain and anxiety also depression I am just having a blast! lol NOT!!

I also understand menopause and the changes with that UGH!! If I could go back in time I would choke EVE! :).. kidding but I probably would!

I went to a pain specialist and he had me do some exercises and told me to cut out all sugar and that was about it but that has been years ago and my family doctor well he is about useless for the most past only to give me anxiety meds.  I did see many doctors thinking I was dying and so many test and er trips like many here on this site.. I was told so many things and some I walked out on and some therapist I seen I would question them because I am ocd and they weren't much help so I don't know what to do anymore myself I am looking for a new therapist my last one was either a no show or late. 

Pain and being tired all the time is so draining and hard to get anything done and I don't even have a job now because of my health so I have to say BRAVO for you being strong enough to even work I give you credit ! I do hope you start to feel better and get some help and you also need to be in Physical therapy for your back it would sure help you.

You will be better keep pushing!!   Oh I don't like anyone to touch my body because of pain and because I feel so sensitive I think its because of the fibro or cfs..

Take care! 
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God is Good all the Time! All the Time God is Good! :)

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Re: Many years ago i was diagnosed
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2014, 08:45:20 PM »
17 years here with fibro.  When you said "in the mornings my legs are stone and my arms are weak" you described me to a tee!  I'm also approaching menopause (49) and it's certainly amped up my symptoms. Since the medical community seems to feel that fibro is "estrogen-driven", and uses this to explain why more women than men develop it (4:1 ratio I think), I am SINCERELY hoping that when I pass menopause the symptoms will abate, even a slight improvement would be a God-send.  I now work a late shift (12:30 pm - 9:00 pm) because my brain-fog will simply not permit me to be a functioning member of social at 8:00 in the morning LOL.  Blessings & Hugs !
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God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

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Re: Many years ago i was diagnosed
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2014, 02:21:40 PM »
I have had fibromyalgia since 1991. I was diagnosed in 1992. The doctor stated it was a result of a car accident.
I have always been a highly stressed person and this just amped things up.
I am 50 and in perimenopause. I have a few other issues in addition. I am a helper to my older parents too.
I do not have children because I had a DVT when I was 35 and I was on blood thinners for over two years and then hemorrhaged.
I get really tired. and I have muscles aches and spasms. I have a few issues at the moment but the blurry vision is not really one of them. I do not wear glasses.
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Offline bothfeet

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Re: Many years ago i was diagnosed
« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2014, 12:09:14 AM »
I too struggle with addiction and yah that definilty dosent help.
I was regular mentstrating women a few little subtle warnings of menopuase ,laughed at them ,but did i feel my body changing for it no.
The when a traumatic event happened in my life i missed a cycle ,then got it with in two months of all the stress in my life ,i was thrown into instant menopuase at 49 and to this day i get about 10 -15 hot flashes a day and night ,they totaly exhaust me and latley i have noticed when i get them i will then get that feeling of total exhaustion and feel nausiated .like little mini panic attacks.
You know i was diagnosed so long ago ,i dont think i even ever told my doc ,about it.
Wonder what he would say about that,one of the reasons they are sending me to a pain specialist is becasue of my reluctance to take pills,and when i told him only advil works ,he snickered and said sounds like there is some sort of mental issue there,GRRRRRRR.
I responded back thats not fair ive tried others they dont work Aleeve i tried ,naproxan i tried.tylenol .Excuse me but without a perscription there is nothing more i can take.
I even tried topical creams for pain lol well i waited and waited for the miracle of no pain ,but it never happened.
How long does a pain specialist usually spend with a patient ,sure hope it it more then 10 min .
To suggest to someone that their pain is all in their head ,and that if i had a different attitude it all would work ,kinda makes you feel like just a feeble old lady who has nothing to do better then sit in your office and wait in a rock hard chair wiggling and wiggling so their leg doesnt go numb is fun ,and hey what is 2 hours of your day anyway ,how dare you give me attitude of frustrastion, when im the doctor and i give you that your back again look, scares you into oh im so sorry but your last suggestion didnt work cannot leave your lips.But he knows your face ,but for the life of him he cant remember your health concerns,start all over again ,say the same thing over again.and yet just another wasted visit.
One doctor when i tore my rotary cuff ,think of it as a telephone book it is only half ripped but it is still a perfectly good book isnt it? And the body has this miraclous ability to heal itself lol ,Well its been a year and dare i go back and say still waiting for that miracle.Im sure he will suggest i get a new pillow :laugh3:
Gone are the days of the lolipop visits.
All about time and money now .
 :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
And now my left foot feels like every single bone a fused together so painful to walk ????? like a big kink ,but going a few weeks i fear it is here to stay.
I know soak it in epson salt ,and counsler suggested i soak in lavender salts .but they never told me for how long lol one dried up old prune ,but at least i will smell nice as i limp alone . :laugh3: :action-smiley-065: :action-smiley-065:
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