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Author Topic: Meds review and thoughts+symptoms (Anxiety) + Tips  (Read 201 times)

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Meds review and thoughts+symptoms (Anxiety) + Tips
« on: June 01, 2014, 05:17:29 PM »

I was in an ambulance again 2 days ago for the secound time  :traurig001:
because i was struggling to breath id wake up out off breath and gulping air
and cold sweats
i dont no if i have anxiety i think its some other mental illness here are the symptoms

>> Symptoms <<

>>Cold sweats can last from few hours or few days
>>Cold and clammy
>>Sweaty hands and feet 24/7
>>Suddenly out off breath
>> If i walk for 2 mins out off breath
>>Suddenly get a strange sensation and feel unreal like am i real ect
>>Pace alot
>>legs constantly moving even at rest
>>fast heartbeat/palps
>>slow heart beat
>>Check google alot
>>nose feels tight like no air going in but doc said im fine
>>rining in ears
>>Loss off appitate
>>decreased/increased sex drive
>>Unable to Maintain Erection No ed only 18
>>Feel likemy heads gone
>>diffculty consantrating on one thing
>>racy thoughts rapid thoughts one after another and stay there
>>Rib cage feels tight and hurts when i breath deep


>>sertraline My current one 50mg period 2 weeks and 3 days today
>>fluxotine made me extremely worse period 3 weeks
>>propranolol 3 mounths
>>antipycotic with zoloft/sertraline 12 weeks
and More


I smoked weed one day and i felt weird and my mouth went dry very dry and my heart was racing felt unreal and nusia felt sick ect went home and told my mum i smoked weed she said have you taken Extacy i said no witch i didnt atleast i think i didnt
and then i smoked it again same thing happened so i stoped then one day my heart was hurting very bad and only thing that helped was running everysince i been like this AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH DEEP BREATHING RELAXING OR ANYTHING NOTHING WORKS I BEEN DEEP BREATHING THREW A PAPER BAG FOR ATLEAST 20 MINS AND I WAS THOUGHT HOW TO DO IT BY THERAPIST AND NOTHING I THINK I HAVE ANOTHER MENTAL ILLNESS CAN ANYONE HELP OR TELL ME WHAT THIS IS


>>Deep breathing
>>bath warm bath
>>paper bag breathing
>>go for a walk/run
>>tire self out threw out the day
>>stay distracted
>>take medication
>>get fit
>>drink more water
>>eat healthy
>>face fears
>>challenge thoughts
>>dont fear fear

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Re: Meds review and thoughts+symptoms (Anxiety) + Tips
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2014, 06:01:25 PM »
Sounds like you are just one of those people who don't respond well to MJ. I tried it a few times myself in the hopes that it might help, and instead found that it causes me to have horrible anxiety symptoms. Some people have anxiety symptoms from it; this is the "paranoid" response you hear about sometimes. If you're dead set on continuing to use it, then you really should know exactly what you're using and not just use whatever street crap you get your hands on. Most MJ sold for recreational use is very high in THC which is the psychoactive component most likely to cause paranoia and anxiety. Indica strains which are specially cultivated for medicinal use can be low in THC and high in CBDs which may actually help with anxiety rather than making it worse.

My understanding is that the old "breathing into a bag" trick does not actually help with anxiety. It is sort of an old myth that a lot of people still recommend even though there's no evidence that it helps. It can help keep you from getting hyper-oxygenated (which can cause you to feel weird), but it also increases you levels of CO2 which can make you feel like you are suffocating. It's far better to just try to breathe slowly without the bag.
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