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Author Topic: Underarm lump still giving me grief  (Read 464 times)

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Underarm lump still giving me grief
« on: May 27, 2014, 08:49:01 PM »
I've had a lump in my underarm for two months.  It was preceded, it seemed, but general underarm pain on both sides - I looked for an infected bump or something that was the cause and never found it.  Then a lump either popped up or I found the one I'd missed.  The armpit soreness eventually went away but the lump remained.

Saw my doctor; he said cyst.

It continued to get bigger, armpit pain returned, as well as some itching, the lump itself was slightly tender.  Went back to doctor, he said infected something.  I can't remember what (not because it was a bizarre medical term, I just can't remember.)  Said it didn't really feel like anything to worry about (he mentioned some characteristics of malignant lumps that my lump didn't possess); come back in three months if it was still there.

So I've been doing my best to ignore it.  Not touching it, not thinking about it.  But this morning I woke up in a puddle of sweat - actually not worried about that part, because my bedroom gets insanely hot and it felt like I'd been sleeping on the surface of the sun - and sure enough, that armpit is sore again.  I've actually noticed that sweating seems to cause a lot of soreness on that side since the lump popped up.

It's hard to ignore and driving me crazy again.  The soreness isn't really focused around the lump so I don't even know if they're related.  I've tried using deodorant and not using deodorant.  I don't shave my underarms. 

The lump is deep under my skin, no redness, no external bump.  My left underarm looks swollen to me but TBH that could be my imagination; it's hard to tell.  I ran my hand over it lightly and I can't feel an immediate bump distorting it, so whatever it is is still at least flush with skin level.  I resisted the urge to really feel for it because I figure that won't lead anywhere good, especially since I have two months before I can go back to the doctor. 

I don't want to die anytime soon.  I mean, I know nobody does., we all know what it's like to worry about that.  And it's so hard to enjoy the life we do have when we're worried about dying.
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Re: Underarm lump still giving me grief
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2014, 04:42:03 AM »
Hello mollyfin,

I am living the same nightmare at the moment, how did you solve this problem?  :traurig001:
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