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Author Topic: Is this Dissociation? Or my thoughts caving in.. Childhood Experience + Now  (Read 265 times)

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Hi everyone. Ever since I was younger, I would sometimes sit and concentrate about life and how I was alive. Almost like I was concentrating to the back of my mind, if I was looking at something, I would really concentrate on that thing, and then I would feel like I was just a *thing* looking through eyes. Then all of a sudden, I would feel a really strange feeling like shear panic and unfamiliarity. I wouldn't feel like myself anymore and I felt like I had debugged life's code and I can't go on. Nothing feels real, nothing feels right. Sometimes I would get tunnel-vision. It's strange because I was petrified of realizing that I... Was.. Alive? Then I would distract myself from those awful thoughts, and I would return to normality.

But what if NORMALITY *is* that feeling?

This leads to more anxiety.

Has anyone else felt this way?
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Distraction is life's best remedy.

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You ever look at one spot for a long time? You would begin to feel the exact same way. You were simply deep in thought and let yourself slip a bit. It can happen. Some people may class it as depersonalization. It is part of anxiety. You distracted yourself and you were back to normal again. That is a good thing. It shows distraction can work. Next time simply remember the distraction methods and use them to bring yourself back from where you are at.
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