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Author Topic: BFS...has anyone else tried this  (Read 328 times)

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BFS...has anyone else tried this
« on: May 23, 2014, 06:07:00 AM »
HI all, so I am posting this to see if it works for me and also to see if it works for you. Somewhere on these topics i posted a BFS poll for those suffering from benign fasciculation syndrome... It definitely seems to be related to exercise and also following after infection of some kind, like norovirus. Something else i wanted to mention... is heavy metal toxicity and just irritation from chemicals. For example, for the past year and a half I have had BFS. No cause found. Normal EMG and normal MRI. One abnormal thing I have is kidney functions, as in decreased kidney function. So then I started thinking, you know how on deoderants there is a warning stating ask doc if you have kidney disease because of the aluminum used in it. Anyone with problems filtrating stuff throughout their bodies should avoid things that can become toxic if they build up too much because you can't filter it out. Well, I started thinking, and i have been using prescription strength deoderant which has 10 % more aluminum over regular deoderant for the exact same time i have had fasciculations. Could just be a coincidence... I don't know. Well, if aluminum builds up in the body it causes depressed respiratory feeling (which i have been getting for months) and also can cause the fasciculations because it disrupts the central nervous system. ALso causes tinglyness in extremities, weird sensations, mood problems, sleep disorders, other weird stuff. Well anyways a week ago i stopped using that deoderant and switched to Toms of Maine deoderant aluminum-free. I have not had that labored breathing feeling since i switched except just once a few days ago after i ate a piece of betty crocker cake (then i looked at the label and they put aluminum in it). I am still getting fasciculations but not as bad. I really think i was having a buildup of aluminum. I notice even with food, if i avoid baking powder (which has aluminum unless it is aluminum free) i get that weird feeling with my chest and i twitch more. Now, aluminum is naturally in the environment everywhere, so all you can do is just avoid it as an additive in foods which is basically anything with baking powder (baking soda is safe). ALso check whatever things you put on your body like makeups, lotions, deoderants. I have also been weaning down off zoloft, I thought it was helping but the fasciculations are still there. Weaning down off zoloft and im on 25 mg daily has improved my sleep significantly so that's good. Has anyone else thought of this about the aluminum, especially if you have decrease kidney functions, (which mine are just only mild and no big deal...)
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Re: BFS...has anyone else tried this
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2014, 07:54:43 AM »
I can tell you that I have used an aluminum free deodorant for years and still twitch like a mofo.  When it comes to BFS there isn't one answer...certainly not one discovered to this date.  I think some are hardwired to twitch.  I have twitched to some extent all my life but my body broke lose after almost a year of tremendous anxiety.  There is a stressor, for most it's anxiety but for others it's working out or a virus.  Some say it' food allergies.  Everyone is guessing and no research is being done on it because it's benign.  But, the basic formula is genetic predisposition+stressor=BFS.
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