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Feeling like I've woken up from a dream? Feeling almost TOO conscious?

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Offline 59Ballons

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Sudden self-realization.. Feeling super conscious? Like I've woken up from a dream?

My life has been disrupted by the sudden realization that I'm alive. Like all of a sudden, I've woken up from a dream. Everything I know has stayed the same... Everyone else is normal, but for some reason, now I feel empty inside because I have this weird feeling now.

I've been this way for 2 months or so now. The feeling goes away when I'm dreaming, and when I'm heavily engaged in an activity... But I'm only distracted for half an hour or so, and then suddenly I feel like I've woken up from a dream again and I have that weird feeling.

Anyone else?
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Distraction is life's best remedy.

Offline Cuchculan

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We talking like depersonalization? Where you feel distant from things. Life can seem kind of odd around you. It is the only thing I can think of when I read your words. That far away feeling we get at times. Like nothing is real. As much distraction as possible might help you out. That is if it is that. No magic cure for it. It simply goes away in time.
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