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Author Topic: I just realized I have OCD  (Read 241 times)

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I just realized I have OCD
« on: May 22, 2014, 05:50:03 AM »
I am poor. I have no money to get my self a therapy. I dont even have money on meds. So i decide to treat my ocd naturally. I wanna be healed. I have been obsessing over stuffs for a few years now and I thought ocd symptoms are only all about checking doors and stuffs but I just found out now that ocd also has symptoms ike obsessing over counting steps and other stuffs and religion thing. I have been obsessing over non sense things like i always say repititive words and phrases to ease my anxiety. I also have a habit of spitting when a bad thought comes to my mind. I had these for years and without even realizing it was ocd! I wanna break this habit oc obsession. But i wanna be treated naturally. But how? I am doing the
Rubber band thing now whenever I do something about ocd i flick it. Please help me. The fact that I just found out i have ocd makes me a bit anxious. I just wanted to stop spitting or sometimes i shake my head to one side when I think of something negative. I just wanted to stop. Please help me to stop it the natural way. Thank you all
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Re: I just realized I have OCD
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 08:56:32 AM »
the natural way is to not do what the OCD wants but to do the opposite to prove it wrong

for example.

if you have thought need to flick light switch 20 times or something will happenÖ then donít flick the light switch!  as hard it will be not to and how loud the OCD shouts to do it just refuse point blank...


this at 1st will make you more anxious as you havenít done something to elevate the thought. only with time and proving the thought wrong time and time again that nothing bad didnít in fact happen then you in time should not feel the need to flick that light

its the same with any form if anxiety i believe, if you stay at home to not feel anxious your are only telling your anxiety that its correct.. but by doing the opposite  you will in time prove it wrong!

if you have a fear of spiders for talk sake you need to hold a spider.. but this doesnít get rid of the anxiety as your mind would tell you but next time this or that will happen!  You need to hold the spider again and again and again for the fear to weaken 

above was just some examples of how avoiding a place or doing what the OCD wants doesnít help you it only makes you worse so the answer is to go where you feel anxious donít do what the OCD wants to elevate the anxiety stay with the feelings donít try change them accept the fact you are not trying to change it thus you expect to feel worse at 1st and will time and patience the anxiety levels drop on there own

so when you have a bad thought and feel the need to spit then dont as you have to be willing to feel every bit of the anxiety without changing it as you need to feel it to get past it.

hope this makes sense?

Google a guy called Paul David or Google anxiety no more it is his information that has helped me lose the fear of my anxiety

hope this helps

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