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Author Topic: Rant: Thyroid nodule biopsy was not performed correctly and nobody told me  (Read 314 times)

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Two weeks ago today I had a fine needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule.  My ENT told me that it might take two weeks to get the results back. 

The reason it can take two weeks is because if it isn't microscopically obvious that the sample is benign (i.e. it is indeterminate) they perform genetic testing on it.  This prevents them from doing surgery to remove nodules that later are found to be benign.

So I sweated for 2 weeks waiting for today.  I called today to get my results and the result was that they didn't get enough of a sample to test and I have to do it all again!  And to top it off, they knew this info last week and my ENT and the doc who did the biopsy both thought the other one was going to call me!  My ENT apologized profusely and said that he was going to get a different doctor to do the biopsy this time. 
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Ugh that's terrible!! My mom has to get those every couple of years and she said they're not fun at all. I'm so sorry you have to go thru that again.
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Ugh I'm sorry to hear that.  Hopefully it all goes smoothly this time and you get your good results quickly.
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