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Author Topic: My ex girlfreind says I cant have my dog back, I dont know what to do. HELP...  (Read 278 times)

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Me and my ex got a puppy 2 years ago and we split up in December after living together. I was with my dog everyday for over 1 year while unemployed.  I took my dog when I left the condo, I had her for one month and the landlord of my mothers place said that I cant have her there anymore. So my EX said she would take her until I found a place. Well Im having a place very soon. My ex texted me yesterday asked me for the beach chairs if I can drop them off to her. I said yes, and that I cant wait to find my own place soon so I can take Bella (my dog) for a couple weeks at a time! Shes like you can take her for one night sleep overs, because I made no effort to see her in the last 2 months. I have been high anxiety, dizzy and not feeling right, almost homebound because of this and she says she doesnt want to hear excuses. I flipped out on her saying I will take her to court this and that, and she says take me to court I dont give a ****.

So I dont know what to do, I miss my dog to death, thinking about her makes me want to cry, thinking of the last time I was with her I yelled at her for something and that is all she probably remembers from me and that hurts me too. I have my dogs face on my debit card. I will take my dog for the one night and she will never get her back. I have no idea how to make this civil. She is a stubborn son of a B. Shes 33 years old, 7 years older than me and acts like shes 17 I am sick of it.

I cant not have my dog. It kills me everyday and yes the last thing I think about is yelling and grabbing my dog for viciously barking at my cousin, and she is the sweetest dog alive. Can come to tears typing this. Its also making my anxiety worse, and probably contributing to my dizziness.

I need some help and input guys really, this is destroying me from the inside out. :(
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that is so sad I am so sorry

do you have any papers on her to prove she is your dog if so that would sure help and it is sad she is being mean to you because you don't feel well and thinks they are excuses people that don't have the issues we have just don't understand and many don't care to understand.

I hope this all works out for you and it will just work on you getting better and getting your own place and then get your dog and she can not say for how long I would also get a paper from your doctor stating you have been in to see him also call the police on her if she tries anything at your new place.
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