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Author Topic: Thought... Aluminum toxicity and Fasciculations... Interesting thought  (Read 267 times)

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Hi all! Just out of curiousity, for those suffering from benign fasciculation syndrome... What type deodorant do you use? Unless it is from an organic store then it has aluminum in it. Also now higher strength over the counter deodorants are sold with higher anhydrous percentages which is great as far as keeping the stink at bay lol but makes me wonder about how that affects hormones. Aluminum is in the environment so that's ok but when you rub it under your arms every day in theory that could lead to aluminum toxicity and that DOES affect the central nervous system, resulting in Fasciculations. People with poor kidney function could def have toxicity because the kidneys can't filter as well. Has anybody else thought of this, that an aluminum buildup in some people from their deodorant could be the cause of twitching? And also baked goods with aluminum,too...
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I have fibromyalgia and have also had fasciculations for about 17 years... unfortunately, I use Degree deodorant or Secret (both contain aluminum).  I've also heard that drinking soda from aluminum cans can harm the nervous system as well, but I don't know if it applies to everyone.  There was also a scare about amalgam/mercury dental fillings that contribute to neuro problems.  Bottom line, after 17 years of dealing with this crap, I've chalked it down to the fact that I have a sensitive nervous system and the fasciculations are just my body's way of firing off extra, nervous energy. That is why they're worse when I'm under stress. If you feel that your issue was caused by aluminum toxicity, you may wish to try chelation therapy which draws toxins from the body.  Best Wishes :)
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