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Author Topic: Pretty sure I have Sjorgen's Syndrome (dry eyes, mouth & throat)  (Read 308 times)

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I have had dry eyes now for about a year or so.  They are getting worse because when I wake up at night,  I have to wait to open them for a minute or two because they hurt from being so dry.  And about two months ago I started waking up with my mouth like the desert.  My tongue would literally be stuck to the roof of my mouth and it was bone dry.  This has happened several times a week since then,  and now for the last month I am noticing a lack of saliva in my mouth, and the back of my throat is completely dry as well.  I went to the dentist this week to get a cavity filled and the hygienist mentioned to me that my mouth was super dry.  And then the panic set in!  I googled and ofcourse came across Sjorgens.  It is literally the only disorder that causes dry mouth, throat, eyes and nose.  I do not take any meds,  so that isn't causing the problem.  I am only 42, so its not menopause.  Sjorgens is the only explanation.   I read up on how to do a saliva quantity test.  After testing myself several times,  I continued to fail and couldn't produce enough saliva to be considered "normal". 
This feels horrible and swallowing and even talking are difficult because of dry mouth.  I pray this isn't Sjorgens because it sounds like a really nasty autoimmune disease that effects many organs as well. 

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Re: Pretty sure I have Sjorgen's Syndrome (dry eyes, mouth & throat)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 07:09:51 PM »
You know what else decreases saliva production?  Anxiety.  Focusing on your saliva production is going to make you nervous and dry your mouth out more.
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Re: Pretty sure I have Sjorgen's Syndrome (dry eyes, mouth & throat)
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2014, 07:15:06 PM »
I am suffering with same exact symptoms as you are. My eyes are bone dry. They sting and burn like acid is in them. I can feel the sticky dryness and yes, nights are the worse. I have to pry them open with my fingers because they are so gritty and painful. I have to use lubricating eye drops, the moment I wake up so they don't hurt. My mouth is also desert dry. The same tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth in the night happens to me as well.

Thank goodness that I don't have dry nose buy food gets stuck to my dry throat on many occasions.

These symptoms have made me think of sjogrens also. Mines have been around for about a year also and I feel like its getting worse too. Its affected my computer usage and its all around annoying and uncomfortable. I mentioned sjorens yo my doctor and she dismissed it. She told me the disease is much more than just dry eyes and mouth. She even refuses to give me an autoimmune test panel because my symptoms do not warrant it. She knows of my health anxiety and think she's fighting me be a use of it. Its driving me insane.

Anyways, the doctor insists this is hormonal. Even though your 42, like me, doesn't mean your not beginning Peri menopause. Hormones begin changing in our thirties and for some women, it causes this dryness. I'm kind of more inclined to believe it now, rather than believing its sjogrens because I knew someone with sjogrens and its true, the symptoms are extremely severe, as in having to be admitted to the hospital sever and it just so happened she never suffered from dry anything. Go figure.
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