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What do you think started your hypochondria and how are you coping with it?

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Offline cameronj

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Hi I am new and am just curious to see what everyone has to say!

I have personally been struggling with it for 14 months now. I go through periods where I am completely fine and then there is a trigger and i get sucked into a vortex of obsessive thoughts. It's miserable.

 I think my hypochondria started after several family members (grandparents) and friends were either diagnosed or passed away from cancer.
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Offline mollyfin

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I've had it since I was a little kid, so I don't know my starting point, but my mom has always been a hypochondriac and would be worried about my minor symptoms at times.  I also used to get sick a lot as a kid, so every illness seemed to mean misery. 
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Offline Mika

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I am not dealing with mine very well. For almost a year now, I've been terrified of food, drinks, or ant medication. My brain suddenly decided one day that I was allergic to everything. Now my greatest fear is anaphylactic shock. I'm 24 and have been forced to move back home. My resulting panic after eating ANYTHING cost me my job, my apartment, and +20lbs. Today was an especially bad day. I've been eating rice, toast, and water for the last few weeks and I don't know what to do anymore...
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Offline soaringfalcon

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I too have had since I was kid.  I don't remember not having it.  I struggled through childhood, high school, college, and finally several years ago I got the courage to go to the Dr.  He put me on Celexa and it's been life changing.  I also see a therapist.  I've tried to stop Celexa several times but I know it will be my partner forever and that's OK.  NOT living with constant fear is soooo freeing.
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Offline Lunatone

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Mine came about through unfortunate coincidence. First, I suddenly developed a panic disorder. it came out of nowhere and terrifies me to this day, and I still don't know why. But anyway, soon after this I ate a honeydew melon. Apparently, these melons were contaminated with a staph bacteria. Painfully threw up later that night. And soon, the skin ulcers came. I think I counted 40 and its worst, including the huge one on my face.

So as I was jsut trying to get a handle on my panic, i come down with a horrible, painful, scary infection. That's probably what did it.
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