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Author Topic: Follow up questions to my ALS post/General anxiety questions  (Read 476 times)

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Hey all, first let me thank you for answering my last post. My anxiety this morning is at a fair to middlin' manageable level, rather than a complete wreck like the last few days, and I attribute this to the reassuring answers I received last night. I want to establish that even though I am coming back for a second helping, your responses actually are putting me at ease and connecting with the rational part of my mind. So I have a few follow up questions, some concerning just anxiety in general.

I do apologize and plead with you guys to have patience with me. I know sometimes it feels like answering the same questions again and again but it really does help ease my mind.

1. Last night, after receiving your reassuring answers, my anxiety was at an all time low and I seemed to have a reprieve in my symptoms (left calf "pseudo" cramp and fasciculations). This morning when I woke up, the fasciculations seemed to be back at it in my legs. This has caused my anxiety to come up just a little bit because I expected with the anxiety shut down a bit, the symptoms would remain low. It's basically a "if the gas is shut off, why is the engine still humming" sort of thing.

So the question is, do the physiological effects of anxiety typically take a while to shut down, even when you feel like your anxiety has declined considerably?

2. Another symptom I failed to mention but have noticed is that my quadriceps seem at times to feel like they are super sensitive. This was most noticeable when I was sitting next to my wife on the couch watching tv. I said something and she patted the top of my quadracep, and it felt like she was patting the raw nerves. It definately caused an uncomfortable, tingly type feeling. I'm talking about the area at the top of my leg when sitting that is about 3-4 inches back from the knee. Is this common for your quads, thighs, and other muscles to feel tingly or raw to the touch when anxious?

3. Now that I have been reassured over and over again that twitching without weakness is meaningless in regards to ALS, my mind is back on the perceived weakness thing. This question is probably more geared towards those of you who have been struggling with the ALS thing and done more research than myself.

I have started to slip back into my OCD strengh testing a bit (I often wonder what people would think if they walked in and saw me hopping around on my "affected" leg by the toes only?). I feel good that I can do this but than sort of panic when my legs feel a bit shaky or I get that "fatiqued/weak" feeling behind both knee caps. Also, I notice when typing, that the ring finger on my left hand seems just a tad more uncoordinated than usual (which in my brain translates into a loss of finger dexterity, which = ALS symptom). I would probably feel better about these sort of things if the darned ALS websites didn't say "sometimes the limb symptoms are subtle and go overlooked at first".

Is this a common experience with anyone else, for anxiety to actually cause a "perceived" weakness in a finger, or behind the knees. Do these things still sometimes go on even when the anxiety subjectively feels better (sorry, I guess that's question #1 again!). Again, I see my GP next Tuesday, and I will be sure to ask him as well, but this just seems like that is still a long ways away!

Thanks guys, you are truly a blessing. Peace!

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Re: Follow up questions to my ALS post/General anxiety questions
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2014, 12:08:55 PM »
Everything about your case says BFS/anxiety.  Once your nervous system has learned a new baseline (hyperactivity) it can takes months to years for it to get back to pre-panic baselines.  So even with weeks to months of floating on a cloud days, you will still twitch.  What I have noticed is the "weakness" gets better first.  But, exercising while in an anxious state is a bad idea...because you can cause overuse syndromes due to the adrenaline making everything worse.  So, stop self testing.

Let us know what your doc has to say.
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