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Author Topic: I don't have ADD...but I feel very "scattered" any thoughts?  (Read 439 times)

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I hope I can express my thoughts concisely here :spineyes: Because I'm having a hard time sorting out exactly what I'm looking for in terms of help or information.

Anyway....I don't have ADD. I always did very well in school, and was able to focus on projects and get my work done. Procrastinated at times, and sometimes had trouble getting papers started, but I think that in itself can be common. And I generally had great grades.

However, in the past few years, since I became a mother, my brain has become more scattered....simply because it IS between work and kids and other responsibilities. But I've been reading lately on ADD more as an academic interest, yet feel like I can relate to several of the difficulties...

-When I'm cleaning the house, I can rarely stay focused on cleaning one room at a time. I may go to put away some folded clothing in the bedroom, then start cleaning the bedroom before I finish the laundry. Or start "generally tidying" the whole house and not completing even one room

-Frequently running behind schedule for things.

-When we travel downstate to see family, it's so overwhelming for me to pack. We never seem to have an organized departure no matter how much I try to plan and get things ready early.

-Used to lose my keys or wallet a lot, but I've been very careful with this and it's gotten better

-Whenever I transition into a new job, the application process is very overwhelming Organizing copies of my degrees and certifications and transcripts, etc. keeping track of legal paperwork such as birth certificates, etc.

-trouble keeping track of paying my bills

-easily flustered and stressed out

-doesn't deal well with frustration

-low self esteem                    <----I think these two relate more to my general uprbringing though
-hypersensitive to criticism 

So, anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I don't think i have ADD, but I can relate to some of the difficulty processing priorities, managing time. At work I do well with patient care but feel so unmotivated to write the patient notes.  And generally feeling overwhelmed with some of the basic processes and routines of life.

And I'm wondering if this is where some of my continued anxiety comes from, why I'm not as far along as I feel I should be at this point in my treatment. My anxiety treatment per se hasn't focused on increasing my organizational methods and maybe that does need to be involved. perhaps reading up on some organizational techniques can be helpful. At the end of the days.....I thought I was disorganized because i was anxious. Instead, maybe one of my anxiety triggers is my disorganization. certainly something to think on!

Any thoughts or similar experiences are welcome. Especially if you've some good articles/books to suggest :)
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Re: I don't have ADD...but I feel very "scattered" any thoughts?
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2014, 05:21:00 PM »
Hi AncientMelody :) I'm surprised that no one has responded to this at all yet; guess not many people on here have ADD. Anyways,  I'm not really sure what you want to hear. From what I can tell, you definitely don't have ADD. I've had it for most of my life, and you're right that the difficulties that you're facing are very similar, but I think what you're experiencing is just regular stress, coupled with the continued anxiety that you mentioned. It sounds like you have a lot of big things going on in your life right now, and many people suffer from the same sorts of things that you do, they just don't want to admit it  :P Feeling overwhelmed with things like the application process for a new job, or packing for a rather disorganized departure with your family downstate is totally normal in my opinion.  :yes: It's also normal to feel unmotivated and overwhelmed with your job. No one is perfect. My boyfriend's father, for example is working as an accountant, and he hates it. He has to get up super early for the commute; he only gets 5 or 6 hours of sleep during the week. He's always stressed, and his immune system is weakened because of it, so he's sick a lot of the time. Pretty much the only thing that keeps him going is the fact that he's making enough money for his son's education.

It's rather difficult to describe the difference between just being stressed and forgetful and actually having ADD, so I'll just try to use one of the difficulties that you listed as an example. You said that you can rarely stay focused on cleaning one room at a time when you clean your house, or that you'll start "generally tidying" the house and end up not cleaning even one room. Now, it's true that having trouble focusing is one of the most common symptoms of ADD, but if you actually had the disorder, you would just completely avoid cleaning the house all together, or you would procrastinate on starting the task. That right there is definitely something I would do.  :spineyes: It also seems like you're actually trying to be organized, and to plan things out, which also makes me believe that you don't have ADD. A lot of people with ADD like me, are just naturally disorganized, and we can try to be organized, but it's next to impossible to change that. My room right now is messier than my younger brother, and he's a typical 17 year old teenage boy.

I can definitely relate to many of the things that you listed, but just keep in mind that when a person has ADD, it's because there is literally something different or off within the affected individual's brain and their neurotransmitters. People who are struggling with normal stress can train their brains to cope, deal with, and complete everyday tasks in time, but it is extremely hard for individuals with ADD to do something like that. I have to take a stimulant every day in order to keep myself focused. I can live without it, but I've found that it is extremely hard to make myself do things, even when I know they're important.
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