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Author Topic: Frustrated with my doctor over cyst.  (Read 315 times)

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Frustrated with my doctor over cyst.
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:50:06 PM »
I just need a place to vent. Ive got a skin cyst on the back of my neck. Its right on the edge of my spine and base of skull. Ive had 2 of these before in other parts of the body. The doctor has always removed them surgically so they wouldnt return. This cyst is the same. A few years back I squeezed it and greatly reduced its size.  A little over a week ago I noticed it had grown back to about the size of a nickel. I tried to squeeze it out but nothing happened. So, I figured Id set up an appointment to get it removed in the near future. Well the thing started hurting and still does. There doesnt appear to be any redness. I dont have a fever. I do however have some tingling on the back of my scalp and the top of my ear. Makes me think its pressing on some nerves or possibly infected. I called the doctor today and they said they could get me in May 9th. My anxiety has ran wild with this. Fearing its gonna cause some damage to my spinal cord or brain stem. I asked the receptionist could they not work me in sooner? I mean they have done it before with lesser symptoms than this. She said to call back if I developed a fever or seen redness spreading. By the time I get a fever im gonna be in pretty bad shape. I think tomorrow I will go to minor care and let them have a look at it. This is driving me mad. I wished I could tell if the tingling on my scalp was from anxiety or the cyst.
I asked a doctor on one of those websites healhtap. I asked, "Can a epidermal cyst spread infection to brain or spine? I have one that seems to be inflamed at base of skull close to spine. Dr appt is 9 days away." the doctor's reply was : "Such a cyst,if infected,can spread but not usually to the brain or spinal cord. Call your physician if there is spreading redness or increased pain at the cyst site. "
Man this is gonna be a dreaful week.
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Re: Frustrated with my doctor over cyst.
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2014, 08:34:36 PM »
That is exactly what I would do, go to a walk-in place tomorrow. They may give you antibiotics if it looks infected. Then it won't hurt to wait until your other appointment.
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