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Author Topic: split with g/f day after christmas... we got a dog when togethe.. need help here  (Read 204 times)

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We got a dog at 8 weeks old while we were dating. We moved in together, for 2 years. Things didnt work out. Her fault (seriously). I left day after Christmas. I had our dog with me for 1 month, then the owner of house my mother is renting out from didnt want the dog there because she was too big. She is an italian mastiff 75 pounds, her name is Bella. So my ex, agree'd to take her in February. I dont see my dog often at all like once a month if that, because I dont want to see my ex. My mother just bought a condo, closing date is beginning of June and we can move in there. Im going to take my dog for a while, and then she will be taking her, etc .. its going to be back and forth. I cant do this crap for the entires dogs life. It breaks my heart to not see my dog for months at a time. I just think of when I would take her for walks and her being all happy and jumping on me when I let her out of the cage after work and stuff. Kind of hurts emotionally very much right now just thinking about it and typing it.  But I dont know how to handle this. I need my dog back. I need to somehow wait the month and a half to get my dog back. But I cant share the dog, its just not going to work like that. I cant live without my dog either. Thoughts are always running through my mind, that its my fault that I dont see the dog, and how the dog is thinking about me and where I am. Its not easy at all. Its like having a child, I would assume. I need some advice or SOMETHING. Thank you.
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Are we to assume that she likes the dog too? Thus we have two people, now split up, who want the dog in the lives. I was going to say offer her some cash. Pay off. Like you buying the dog outright. Plus some form of compensation for her looking after the dog. See if she is willing to accept this kind of offer. If not it may be two weeks with you and two weeks with her. Have seen a few people go to family courts over such things. Or small claims courts. But the fact that she had the dog for so long whilst you were not allowed a dog where you lived would work well for her. It would go against you. I would seriously try dangling some cash in front of her and seen if she bites. Explain how much you like the dog and how much you miss it and how visiting every other week would be awkward. Don't make it look like a pay off. Ask would she be willing to part with the dog. The cash side of things can be made to look like compensation for her taking care of the dog. Any cash she might have spent on food or any vet visits. Might work out for you.
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