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Author Topic: Don't want to google - breathlessness + lots of burping- any ideas?  (Read 290 times)

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Well hello there all!

I've posted a few times and want to update and also seek some advice - I don't want to google. I am seeing my doctor on Tuesday to run things through too.

I've been having feelings of struggling to get my breath for about four weeks now, like someone is sitting heavy on my chest. Went to docs who checked my heart and that's OK, but they are going to do a stress test to make sure. They did an xray of my lungs which showed a small lump which I've been told will most likely be nothing (I'm a 29 year old man) sinister. I'm fairly reassured that I'm in good hands but the breathlessness isn't ceasing.

One thing I've noticed is that I'm bloated and very burpy too and that the breathlessness gets worse after eating.

I am finding it hard to accept it's just anxiety because I manage my health anxiety well - I used to panic about Parkinsons and MS but now couldn't give too hoots about those, even though some of the symptoms I had when I was at the height of my worrying are still present now. The fact that it doesn't go away or abate when I'm doing something else worries me. I literally can't walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. Which is worrying.

My concerns are: lung cancer (unlikely), methothingy (asbestos related, don't want to google it to check the spelling!) and amyloidosis, because annoyingly I was reading an article in a magazine and didn't realise it was a health story, and she mentioned being out of breath, having a dodgy ECG (previous thread explains more) and burping...!

I don't want to google as I'll set myself off. Any ideas? Sound anxiety related?

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Re: Don't want to google - breathlessness + lots of burping- any ideas?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2014, 02:17:40 PM »
My husband has been getting like that since November of 2005.  He tells the doctor and the doc shrugs it off!  (and he's 62!)
He gets bad after eating and if he takes a hot bath after eating or does any physical work he starts burping like crazy!
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Re: Don't want to google - breathlessness + lots of burping- any ideas?
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2014, 03:43:00 PM »
While I know symptoms like that can be very scary, particularly the pressure on your chest, they can all be caused, and, in your case, are almost certainly caused, by a number of relatively simple things. The bloating is probably the most likely sign here - anything relating to your stomach can cause gas, and therefore a gassy, pressured pain in the centre of the chest. Anxiety and stress most definitely, but I'd also consider discussing with your doctor the possibility of Acid Reflux, and possibly some sort of allergy to something you're eating. In my case all of those symptoms were brought on by stress :)
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