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Author Topic: Breast cancer fear  (Read 367 times)

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Breast cancer fear
« on: April 25, 2014, 10:54:07 AM »
Hi all  :action-smiley-065:

Off and on for about a month or two, usually before my period, the left side of my left breast would hurt a bit.  I'd call it a soreness and a semi-sharp pain.  This month, however, I still have the soreness and occasional pain, even though my period has ended.  The pain is on the left side and also underneath.  The soreness is on the outer left side and goes toward my armpit. I've tried to feel around, and I have small breasts, so I can feel a lot of rib and tissue.  I had my husband feel to see if he could feel anything, and he said that what I'm saying is sore is a lymph node.  It's not swollen or anything, and he says both breasts feel the same.  I get a little confused and full of anxiety when looking for something, so I can never tell if I'm doing it right :)
Also, my nipple on that breast has been a little itchy.  Overall, I'm just kinda freaked out. 
Does anyone else experience these symptoms?   I'm trying very hard not to let this overwhelm or consume me.  So far, so good.  Yet I would like some reassurance. 
I'm considering upping my annual by a month so I can talk to my doc about it, if the symptoms don't subside. 
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Re: Breast cancer fear
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 11:41:27 AM »
I've had the itchiness recently and my breasts
are too big for me to notice a lot of differences
unfortunately. I am asking my dr if I can do mri
and ultrasound and how often I should do it,
1 x a year or 2 x...

Give your dr a call for sure ASAP and hopefully
you will feel better. I think when we have some
power we start to feel better about things :)
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