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Author Topic: What's this? Not recognizing people you should know...  (Read 263 times)

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What's this? Not recognizing people you should know...
« on: April 25, 2014, 09:59:09 AM »
I'm not sure if this is dissociation or what?

My husband started having debilitating panic attacks almost 4 weeks ago.  He's since seen his primary care doctor and a psychiatrist (the Psychiatrist was a joke!). We mentioned this to both.  The primary care doctor said it was "worrisome" and that if it happened again to go to one of our many mental hospitals to be evaluated.  The Psychiatrist just kind of dismissed it. 

The first "episode" happened a couple of weeks ago.  My husband said he didn't even recognize himself in the bathroom mirror.  He said he was turning the light off and he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and literally jumped because he didn't realize it was him.  He "came to" and all was fine.  It happened again a few days later.  I think he has his days and nights mixed up now so he'll stay up all night worrying about when his next panic attack will come.  Anyway, he told me he was on our front porch but didn't remember walking out to our front porch.  These two "episodes" I just kind of shrugged off and told him he was probably really exhausted and exhaustion can really play games with your body.

However, his next "episode" happened this past Tuesday.  Oddly it was the day after he went to the Psychiatrist.  He didn't like the Psych at all and he really got worked up about the thought of never being his "old self" again.  So, anyway, the day after that my sister-in-law (husband's sister) was at our house to watch our 6 month old so I could go to school.  My husband came to the livingroom where his sister and our baby were.  He thought it was a stranger holding his baby so he asked her a couple of times "what are you doing?!??!".  I guess he "came to" after a few seconds and went back to our room and had a panic attack.  That "episode" really scared him since it involved not recognizing his own sister. 

The last one was, I think, night before last.  He said he was sitting on the couch eating marshmallows, but he didn't remember going to our pantry to get the marshmallows.

He's decided to go to one of our local mental health facilities to get assessed today.  He just wants to get better/feel better/be better.  He has what I would call panic attacks twice a day (he has chest crushing pains, lightheadedness, trembles, can't get a deep breath, racing thoughts...) and when he's not having a panic attack he's constantly worrying about when the next one is going to come.  He doesn't go out anymore for fear of having one in public.  And, we're filing today for short term disability since he hasn't been able to work in 2 weeks.

His Dr. put him on Fetzima back in January for depression due to an issue with his hand (he had undiagnosed carpal tunnel for over a year that caused him to lose all usage of his left arm/hand).  The Fetzima seemed to kick in really quick, but he started being more on edge afterwards.  Now looking back I'm starting to really wonder if the Fetzima has played a part in the panic attacks.  The Dr. prescribed Klonopin as a rescue drug - but unfortunately he'd be better off swallowing M&M's - it does nothing to calm his panic attacks.  He said "I just want something to shut my brain off".

ANYWAY - just wondering about these "episodes" of time loss that he's having.  Anyone ever had this or dealt with it? 
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