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Author Topic: Just got a panic attack in school, worried about neck!  (Read 220 times)

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Just got a panic attack in school, worried about neck!
« on: April 24, 2014, 08:12:35 AM »
I just got a panic attack in school, and I'm pretty sure I'll die from this neck problem...

Basically I woke up this morning with a strange feeling like I was off balance. I felt like I'm going to fall on my left side (the one I slept on) but I wasn't falling at all. I was walking straight but felt like falling.
I was in panic all day about it, and couldn't stop worrying.
When I laid down on gym in school, I suddenly felt this dizziness, like I was on a boat and It wouldn't go away for few minutes. I panicked and got a major panic attack from this.
Now I went to a neurologist and after an examination she told me that psychically everything is alright.

So I believe It might be my neck, since I have this nasty habit of sleeping on my stomach with my head turned to the side, and sometimes apply a lot of pressure on the neck. I'm just scared I might have damaged the important parts of the brain in the neck, and that I'll die from that and I will die in my sleep, and now I'm even afraid to sleep.
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Re: Just got a panic attack in school, worried about neck!
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2014, 08:22:56 AM »
Maria I assure you you are not going to die there can be a million reasons for dizziness that are totally may have an inner ear infection or slight vertigo both of which are treatable not to mention the anxiety that you have isn't helping the situation either. God bless
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