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Author Topic: face sensations  (Read 326 times)

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face sensations
« on: April 16, 2014, 07:20:51 PM »
Sine late sept (nearly 7 months now) i have had facial sensations (kinda tingly but its not numb) going from my left upper cheek/cheekbone under my eye sometimes goes to my upper lip.

i wouldnt say its 24/7  because I'm not sure if i just notice it when im not doing anything or its always there and i have forgotten about it sometimes

does anyone get this? Mines on my left side ONLY. no vision changes or headaches. Doc is relating it to all my other alliments going on with ANXIETY

i have a checkup with him tomorrow and Ive never had any brain imaging done and may ask for a MRI because i dont want radiation. sometimes i really can't get it in my head this is anxiety  :(
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Re: face sensations
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 08:15:46 PM »
I have the exact same thing. I also feel it at the sinuses above the eyebrows and across my forehead. If I concentrate on it, I can actually make it worse and it usually spreads across both cheeks (right under the eye brows) and down towards my jaw - although it is not pain - it's like you said: a tingly sensation that kinda feels numb but it is not. I use it as a cue to know when I am anxious or not. When I get it, I usually have been worrying about something for most of the day. But it usually takes a good week without any worries for the sensation to go again - but it usually comes back.

When I first experienced it, I thought it was due to a brain tumour - but it was only until I realised that it would always come later on in the day (same with the headaches that I was feeling at the time) that it was due to anxiety. I sat there once with a needle pricking my face a little to see if it was actually numb - I could feel the little pricks though.

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