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Author Topic: Brain tumour worries, so scared please help me?  (Read 437 times)

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Brain tumour worries, so scared please help me?
« on: April 16, 2014, 04:43:54 PM »
For almost 3 years (with a year where I was ok in between) I have had constant headache at one side and a tingling foot at the opposite side. I had a CT scan 3 years ago when it first started which was 'normal' I also see a lot of floaters in my vision and recently I have noticed occasional blue flashes in my vision which lasts about a second and then goes away. The headaches aren't especially severe but they are always there and the tingling in my foot is annoying and worrying. The left side of my body feels weaker than my right. My doctor is baffled and I am going to a headache clinic. I had my eyes tested at the start of this year and she said that everything looks normal behind my eyes. I have recently started taking microgynon contraceptive pill last week (I switched from the implant) and I have been taking citalopram for almost 3 weeks.
Does this sound like a brain tumour? I am so scared.. and if not.. what the heck is it? The headache is mostly the right side of my head and the left side of my body is weaker and my left lower left is very stiff and my left hand doesn't seem to move properly. Would a CT scan 3 years ago have missed it or could I have developed it since?
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