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Author Topic: I'm so scared I have bad disease! Ms? Parkinson? I'm so confused! Help!!!!  (Read 828 times)

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No I don't feel lightheaded.

I took one bottle of augmentin and 6 day course of predinsone that ent prescribed and my balance has improved when I walk. I feel more steady than I did but the pressure in my forehead is still there some and when I bend on lean over on my feet it's worse and I feel wobbly. So I'm on my second round of augmentin and still about the same. Google has me convinced I have brain tumor so when I call the vet office tomorrow to tell them I'm ready for a ct scan of my sinuses I'm gonna te them I want full head ct scan with dye cause I want to see my entire brain and then I will no longer worry about a Brain tumor.

Cause of this sickness, I've been pretty much bed bound cause of my anxiety. When I get up, I don't like feeling this way and it's made me anxious and made me think something really serious is going on with me and afraid if I walk too long I may pass out, have stroke ect. I believe that cause I've done nothing but worry about these diseases, brain Tumors, seizures, strokes, that it's created weird feelings in my face. I will feel like my tongue is swollen, or that I will swallow it. I will feel like the corner of my mouth wants to droop,  my face has had tingling numbness sensations, my jaw is real sore from clenching my teeth from being tense. All these thigs only make me feel more anxious and afraid.

My blood work was good. Nuero exam. But I'm still afraid I have a brain tumor. Once I see my brain and see my sinus scan then get real answer then I'm sure I will feel better.  I'm nervous but I have to see it t believe it.
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