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Author Topic: A few things that might help you  (Read 197 times)

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A few things that might help you
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:11:48 AM »
I've been doing a few things to keep my mind a little calmer at night. Thought id share them with you guys, maybe it'll help.

-blues music, waking up to blues music as an alarm clock ringtone. I've been listening to bb king and just deep breathing at night.

- changing the position you sleep, if your bed is against the wall, sleep close to the wall, or sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

- another sleep technique is if you have a lot of pillows, surround yourself with pillows.

- put some warm socks on and massage your feet for a few minutes.

- if your like me and have to fall asleep to the tv here are a some shows to fall asleep to that might relax you

Law and order svu
Family guy
Through the wormhole with Morgan freeman
How it's made
Anything on the history channel lol

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