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Author Topic: Left side feels different/slow  (Read 750 times)

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Left side feels different/slow
« on: April 06, 2014, 02:24:01 PM »
Can GAD or severe depression/OCD (Hypochondria) really cause my left side to feel (and actually be slower) than usual?

It feels as if my left hand is uncoordinated and really slow. I have quite severe muscle tension in the hand (to the point of it affecting mobility), and my neurologist noted a tendency to a slight dysdiadochinesia (problems with rapid movements) and lack of manual dexterity. My fiancé on the other hand says she hasnīt noticed any changes.

My left foot also tends to be quite stiff (noticably stiffer than right), with reduced dorsiflexion and constant cramps. The Achilles tendon is stiff and the overall mobility is reduced, I also tend to lift my left feet less when walking.

I feel like every muscle in my entire body is stiffening up without any intention of relaxing. My neurologist, and other doctors, all seem to think that this is tensions and coordination disturbances due to GAD and Hypochondria (and depression etc) but I canīt see how it all correlates. How can only one side be affected by all of this?

They labeled me with somatoform disorder, but that canīt be the case since my symptoms are both (a) hemispherical and (b) too severe. Furthermore, somatoform disorders arenīt realy supposed to progress, and stay one-sided.

And to make matters worse, Iīve noticed that my arms swing irregularly (could be me overthinking that though).

All thing I can think of is that Anxiety et al canīt be causing my body to be more and more crippled by the day, and the only option remaining then is Young onset Parkinsons disease=(

This is literally driving me to the point of suicidal thoughts (and actual planning) for the first time in my life. Please help me...
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Re: Left side feels different/slow
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2014, 12:50:45 PM »
Good Morning Rasalhague!

I think your Neurologist knows a ton more about this than I do. However, I also think some of the things you are describing can be explained by HA. Regarding your hands, legs etc...remember one of the biggest symptoms of HA is the ability to think you have a disease and then manifest those very symptoms. I have thought I had some bad diseases and somehow managed to start seeing the symptoms in my body that were not there before. This is the mind, playing tricks on us and it is no fun or fair!

Regarding your Parkinsons scare, your Neurologist would certainly detected that, so relax and take deep breaths!

Regarding the last bit, lets not do anything silly. Just breathe, relax and take it easy and most important trust you docs.
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