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Author Topic: Fear of something happening to my building  (Read 203 times)

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Fear of something happening to my building
« on: March 31, 2014, 07:11:50 PM »
I live in an apartment complex, 20 stories up.. I often hear planes near us and wonder "What if..?"

Accidents happen. A plane can hit us..
A few years ago, 2011 I think, there was an earthquake in DC and we felt it over here. It was only a tremble but I had never felt that afraid in my life until then. The building can fall and there's no way for us to get down in time; even if we did who's to say we'll get out of the danger zone in time.
Sometimes I worry about my parents being in the balcony. What if it falls or at least the railing does?
What about fires? I live on the 20th floor. It's not easy to evacuate.
In theory, what if I need 911 help? They're never gonna get up here and help me in time if I have a heart attack.

I always hated living so high up but it was usually a fear of the balcony. Now I'm just generally fearful and I can't move out yet; it's not practical.
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Re: Fear of something happening to my building
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2014, 05:57:53 AM »
Sure have a lot of ' what ifs '. Can I add one in? What if you spend your life worrying these things and nothing bad ever happens? You could sit there daily and think of all these bad things. You could die in your sleep at the age of 101. We live near an airport too. Can't even pretend it is a worry. Simply accept it is there. As for ambulance people getting to the 20th floor, it can be done. They practice for such things. As do firemen. As for the guard rail on the balcony? You could have someone look at it. Maybe make it more safer. There are certain building standards. If they are not met a building would be torn down and made improve until it reached the desired standards. They are checked on a regular basis. It is actually safer in the sky than it is on the roads out there. Only the news never reports of road accidents as much as does about planes crashing.
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